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Wednesday, March 16, 2005


Call me Truman Capote!

Well, whaddya expect? The ballistics never matched, NO GSR (gun shot residue) on his hands, and NO Blood on the shirt- so how could you send such a softie like him out to pasture? If you watch old Baretta episodes (and they're out on DVD - and the residuals are now for Bobby's taking - once he finds out that these second rate DVD companies located out in those buttfuck mid western states like Michigan (and ANCHOR BAY - you know who I'm talking about) are churning out season sets of his famed seventies cop show episodes and are squandering him out of any existing royalty checks - believe me, he's going to need those for those legal fees piling up. I'm sure those lawyers weren't working pro bono.), you can see that Robert Blake couldn't shoot a prop gun straight, let alone a REAL ONE. His hand shakes like a blender. That's what I've been trying to tell people all along WHO think they had figured out he was guilty based on circumstantial evidence. It also helped that those drug-addled washed-up stuntmen who testified about hullucinations concerning cops tunneling underneath their beds had shit credibility to begin with.

So, Bobby, take a walk out of that courtroom and breathe deep that FREE CRISP AIR- 'cause you earned it. And now your baby daughter doesn't have to grow up without a daddy.

And to all you golddiggers out there on the prowl for celebrity husbands with big fat bulges in their SIDE pockets- let this story be a lesson to you.

And you can take that to the bank, pal.




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