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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

THE PP GURU GRAB BAG - A kaboodle of ruminations of life, love, mystery, and excessive DVD watching...

Yeah, the PP Guru is going to give you the lowdown of his day in to day out routines of his unemployed misadventures. Like the PP Guru has said before, he's getting bored with his self-imposed exile and wish that some advancement would be made to heighten his career goals. But what the fuck can one do when the phone doesn ring?

As of today, The WB has still not paid the full amount of his severence and he's getting a little sick and tired of running to his Landescape Productions mailbox everyday to see if it's arrived or not. But there are other thing going on in the world today that warrant some attention.

ITEM! The PP Guru was shocked to see this morning that California Gov Schwartz didn't allow clemency for Stanley Tookie Williams, the professed Crips Gang founder. the PP Guru didn't think that the Schwartz would actually allow the state of California to execute a guy who's claim to reform was legendary. This is not going to look good, if the Schwartz ever decides to backpedal on politics and realizes what a stupid provocation it really is and gets back to what really matters in life- playing androids and smashing shit up in movies - the PP Guru guarantees that he's going to be ostrichized by the entertainment business. The PP Guru practically cringed when he heard the quote the Schwartz gave to the press that Williams has shown absolutely no remorse for his crimes of murdering four people. Well, that's a funny one coming from the Schwartz- does The Schwartz ever have any remorse for all the times he forced a game of grabass upon some unsuspecting model or upcoming actress on a a movie set? They all sued him and wound up having their cases thrown out of courts. The PP Guru just doesn't know how the world of California can operate knowing we're just as barbaric as the ones we prosecute. We used to be such a pacifist state. You gotta give the Tookie some credit for writing those children's books. Anything that gets Snoop Doggy Dogg to pick up a book to read in the Los Angeles Central Library is just aces with the PP Guru in developing young inexperienced minds.

ITEM! More pix of the PP Guru's new pen pal, Irina in Russia. Keep your eyes in your sockets, boys and girls. It just goes to show what wonders can be had by tearing down the Berlin Wall and curtailing communism. This female fatale didn't go through the hardship of waiting in a milk and bread line, that's for sure. She's pure KGB secret agent stock. The PP Guru gets a fan letter from her every other day teaching the PP Guru about her Russian code of seduction- and it seems to be working so far...

(Irina pictures here)

ITEM!! However, The PP Guru is very much still in love with his *ahem* film star neighbor. Details are sure not to follow. C'mon folks, this is a all ages blog, for cripessakes.

ITEM! The PP Guru was slightly bemused to learn that sometime next January, that Twentieth Century Fox will be releasing a whole slew of his wish list DVDs including a lot of the mid-sixties Irwin Allen stuff. Not a really big fan of Lost in Space- but it makes up for the fact that the PP Guru has many retro flashbacks of his favorite toddler shows such as Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea and the Time Tunnel - both of which will get season sets in the upcoming months of 2006.

The PP Guru believes that Sony will be releasing the entire first season of.....TA DA! THE RAT PATROL. That's right the most requested show on the tippy top of his list is getting the box set treatment on three double sided discs. The PP Guru found out the news while he was on sabbatical at the Papa PP Guru's house and told his dad that it used to be one of his favorite shows while he was growing up under the evil regime of his stepfather, IN SORELY NEED OF A REALITY CHECK ROGER.

And while we're on the subject...

Sparky loves it when the PP Guru reminiscenes about the good ol days of being the IN SORELY NEED OF A REALITY CHECK ROGER's pretend ward. The PP Guru's half breed family went out to a expensive Italian dinner one night (not really recalling the special occasion) with some of IN SORELY NEED OF A REALITY CHECK ROGER's so called Mafiaiso friends. In order from not causing a ruckus at the table, The Very Young PP Guru remembers fiddling around with a couple of packs of Topps Rat Patrol collector cards that would keep him quiet .Remember the ones that came with the cardboard stick of stale bubblegum? All of a sudden, after the dinner, in order to impress his mafia buddies, the IN SORELY NEED OF A REALITY CHECK ROGER wanted to prove what a big man he was, so in those days of yore before there was backlash over Michael Jackson dangling his babies' privates over German balconies. There was IN SORELY NEED OF A REALITY CHECK ROGER getting in the habit of dangling the very young PP Guru over bridges by both his feet. Needless to say, the Very Young PP Guru clutched on to those Rat Patrol cards on for dear life- knowing that one day they would come to some monumental value. The PP Guru has the vaguest of memories of how far or deep the river below may have been - but fuck, that water looked cold.

Now wasn't that a nice story?

Next: the PP Guru will be talking about his impending trip to the Land of Enchantment, otherwise known as the barren state of New Mexico. How are the DC's Essential Paperbacks...oops, he means Showcase paperbacks working out so far? Another one of the PP Guru's favorite long time prog outfits, SAGA has achieved a milestone in their career. We'll talk that and more in our next installment.

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