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Friday, March 26, 2010

 Sparky happy to shut the guru up for a minute

Japanese unleash Jedi Obama

Prez also available in James Bond and Samurai versions

Those of you who've been wondering why US prez Barack Obama has not yet solved world poverty and hunger, halted global warming and given a lovely puppy to each and every child on Earth will be relieved to learn he's still on the case, but has just been a bit tied up of late on intergalactic business:
Bond is a girly man ...

Obama with lightsaber battles Darth Vader
We kid you not. Ladies and gentlemen, look on in shock and awe at the mighty Japanese Barack Obama action figure (dreadful but entertaining English translation here).
Not a fan of Star Wars? No matter, because Obama is also available in exciting Samurai and James Bond versions, the better to dispense tough justice to those who threaten the American Way of Life™.
Obama with samurai sword and in James Bond pose with pistol
Well, we reckon Vladimir Putin won't take this provocation lying down. Look out for a "Vlad the Impaler" action figure forthwith, depicting the Russian hardman stripped to the waist and wrestling Arnold Schwarzenegger's Terminator. ®


 Barack Obama Action Hero Figurines
Via: BoingBoing

Barack Obama is a Ninja with a Lightsaber

Japan-based blogger Matt Alt has made an extraordinary discovery about America's new president. Why isn't the MSM covering this? Yet another example of citizen journalists breaking news that cowards like CNN are afraid to report, blogging truth to power. Snip:
This shot of our new Commander in Chief kickin' it under a kotatsu is only matched by the one where he's wielding a pair of gleaming katana blades. Check out the full photo set on the (Japanese language) Gamu Toys site. The doll is a 1/6 scale (roughly 12") figure produced by the Japanese Hong Kong based DID Corporation.
Link to Matt's blog post, and here's the source in Japanese. Really, that photo set is not to be missed. Previously on Boing Boing:
* Japanese monsters, and how to survive their wrath: YOKAI ATTACK
* Hunting for the Kappa Monster in Tokyo, part 1
* Hunting for the Kappa Monster in Tokyo, part 2

Arigatou gozaimasu to Steve Fenton for the tip-off.


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