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Sunday, March 28, 2010

It's because the Guru didn't grow up with this history. Hard to believe he really is from Jersey isn't it?

As the Ottoman Empire crumbles, wily Turks sell land deeds to the land we'll later know as Israel to at least 3 different parties ...

Jordanians, their tenant farmers from Egypt, and the Zionists.

Then Great Britain created a tremendous snafu — and Nazism arose from the ashes of Germany.





today -

The United States may regard Israel as its primary ally in the Middle East, based on "common democratic values, religious affinities, and security interests". Their bilateral relations are multidimensional and the United States is the principal proponent of the Arab-Israeli peace process. U.S. and Israeli views differ on some issues, such as the Golan Heights, Jerusalem, and settlements. But the tiny nation will decide what is best for its' people.

It may look big above - but at its' narrowest it is 7 miles wide. Here's the wider picture:

Can you count the number of democratic nations above?

Personally - I'd love for Mexico to wipe its' debt to the US and give the state of Israel a 500 year lease on Baja California. Not going happen. Since 1948, Arabs have been whipped into a frenzy about destroying Israel.

The Arab–Israeli conflict (Hebrew: הסכסוך הישראלי-ערביHaSikhsukh HaYisre'eli-Aravi, Arabic: الصراع العربي الإسرائيليAṣ-Ṣirāʿ al-ʿArabī al-'Isrā'īlī) spans roughly one century of political tensions and open hostilities, though Israel itself only was established as a sovereign state in 1948. The conflict involves the establishment of the Zionist movement and the subsequent creation of the modern State of Israel in territory regarded by the Jewish people as their historical homeland, and by the Pan-Arab movement as belonging to the Palestinians, be they Muslim, Christian, Druze or other (and in the Pan-Islamic context, in territory regarded as Muslim lands).

The conflict, which started as a political and nationalist conflict over competing territorial ambitions following the collapse of the Ottoman Empire, has shifted over the years from the large scale regional Arab–Israeli conflict to a more local Israeli-Palestinian conflict, though the Arab World and Israel generally remain at odds with each other over specific territory.

I really don't want to read Iran's bomb facilities were destroyed. I see the leadership of both Iran and Saudi Arabia as the problem here.


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