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Monday, August 25, 2003


Every month when I go down and wait in line for the Shrine Auditorium doors to open, there's nothing more exhilarating than getting involved with the geek chats that go on between other patrons who get up at 6 or 7 in the morning and wait along with you. This jewish guy, I mean, really hardcore jewish guy, complete with yulmake had everyone in stitches about his incessant rants about how awful the Hulk movie was along with his basis of knowledge as it pertained to the entertainment industry in general- which was nilch. First off, he kept talking about all these test screenings he's been invited to, and was giving false info on the actual release dates- I should know- I had a Hollywood Reporter to read in line that had a whole bunch of release dates of upcoming films. For example, he kept referring to 'Cabin Fever' opening up on this weekend facing off against MGM's Jeepers Creepers 2- which is not the case. The actual release date is Sept 12, one week before Underworld. I hate when people mouth off on things that they think they know and don't have the proof to back it up.

Other than that, as evident as what yesterday's convention was trying to demonstrate- September should be a good month for movies just when you think the influx of action and special effects laden products are about to wind down- out crop a whole slew of horror themed movies. Like I mentioned before Jeepers Creepers 2 opens Friday which I will save until I get back from my dad's house in Vegas. I felt the first one showed promise- at least in the first half it generated some halfway decent scares- but quickly fell apart with the typical ho hum Stan Winston creature designed path- but at the least the premise looks promising with the school bus stranded in the middle of a corn field where that scarecrow looking creature can pluck them off one by one.

There were some good CGI effect shots in 'The Order ' which looks like a high tech version of The Exorcist with Heath Ledger. A t-shirt was given away of which I'm wearing today and makes me look as though I'm leading a crusade during King Richard's time. Some old non-English people were harrassing me on the streets of Burbank today on my way to the local Ralph's just to jam up me for change and were pointing at my t-shirt with the large golden crucifix thinking I was some servant to their deity. I laughed and flipped each and every one of them the bird and proceeded on my way. A 'survial' kit was also given away which was nothing more than a cloth pouch that contained a crumb of dried up bread and a piece of rock salt. It has detrimental weight to the movie's plot.

Next up on Sept 12th, is Robert Rodriguez's third installment of the El Marachi installment called 'Once Upon a Time in Mexico'. With Salma Hayek on the movie poster taped to the wall of my office- Sony will have no argument from me on standing in line opening weekend.

And the one I'm most anxious to see is, technically the last weekend of the summer so why not close things off with a bang, is the werewolf vs vampire action flick, Underworld which emphasizes the weakness in all men's knees for the dire need to see Kate Beckingsale in tight leather costume and kicking ass.

More useless shit tomorrow.




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