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Tuesday, June 08, 2004


Hey, there's nothing like a weekend of non accomplishment to get things rolling before a deadline.

I did nothing over the weekend but lie around on my fat ass watching TV or listening to prog. I don't know what came over me but...

Well, at least it did have its' privileges- or moments of unqueasiness - no matter how you slice it.

Kicking off last Friday night- wouldja' believe I was sitting at my desk at work until 7:45 PM on a time in the evening where a single guy my age is supposed to have tied on their third Micheloeb at Happy Hour or are struggling unsuccessfully to slip on their Trojan condom for that hot piece of ass that you usually drunkingly pick up at a bar? But not me, no siree, I was struggling for perfection. Knowing that I was going to have to wake up early for my employee screening of Tim Hunter 3, I figure I would make a early night of it. So, I went and took a different route home. Thought it would be a slight change of pace if I took a short cut through the 'ghetto' area or the Tijuanaville portion of Van Nuys.

What a shithead mistake that was.

To start off such a wonderful weekend, walking down Hazeltine Ave after getting off at Victory and seeing that the next couple of blocks before I get to my undesirable new apartment is mostly occupied by hispanics- and hoping here that no one notices me sauntering around with a knapsack on my back in the evening time and wishing they would pick up their chihuahua roadkills off the street.

There's nothing more gut wrenching than seeing a dead dog or cat lying on the sidewalk after it takes a fatal ferris wheel spin on Mr. Goodyear's treads. It just sends a trickle up my spine.

Anyway, moving along until I finally reached my place after 9 PM- I called Alan Sinder and invited him and his new Japanese wife to the Tim Hunter 3 screening after my favorite little favorite cracker from Culver City called to cancel. I'm a very understanding fuck buddy - Like who would want to get up early on Friday nite after a all night binge of drinking and fucking to go see a nearly three hour movie anyway? I can sympathize. No harm done. So it was time to check out this new show on the USA network called Touching Evil. Couldn't understand or get into the premise, so I watched a episode of Farscape instead and set up my alarm for 6:30 AM. I just found out today that the best science fiction show in the world is coming back on the Sci-Fi channel for a special mini-series called Peacekeeper Wars. I'm so fucking stoked about it.

I don't know what it is about these Harry Potter films. They just don't press my buttons as they do everyone else. It's just the bile in my throat, knowing that J.K. Rowlings is capitalizing on a concept and a idea already developed years earlier by Neil Gaiman and she's even admitted to it to the press. I'm surprised that Harry's girlfried doesn't call herself Molly in the movie. It just fucking agitates me and I tend to be really biased while I'm watching these movies to the point where they actually put me on the snooze button. The only other movie that was successful in accomplishing this was that piece of shit remake of Solaris that George Clooney made a couple of years back. And what the fuck was up with those Dementor characters? It was like another idea lifted from the Lord of The Rings with the Dark Wraiths. Could someone please explain the difference between the two to me? e-mail me @ and the first logical response wins a free copy of the new Deposit Man book. I can't make any promises beyond that. Also I was under the impression that this picked up from the last film and that they were running from Kenneth Braugh who I thought escaped from an insane asylum. Imagine my surprise when I discoverd that it was Gary Oldman playing some other locked up guy called Serious Black.

After the snooze fest- Alan took his wife to a Chinese restaurant called P.F. Chang's over at the Sherman Oaks Galleria. I declined because I didn't have any available cash on me (and I was overloaded on free popcorn and soda) and I wasn't in the mood to max out any of my credit cards- so I went to Tower Records in the case that I could get something and at least take it off my ATM card. Sure enough there were a few things I was on the prowl for but came across something totally unexpected. Something I totally I remember cherishing way back in 1980 now back in stock, fully remastered.

Jethro Tull's the 'A' album. With special guest star, Eddie Jobson on keyboards and violins.

I'll pick up from where I leave off with this tomorrow and go into the exact detail of how I inadvertingly failed to witness a 'historical event' that happened underneath my nose and didn't realize it until the very next day.

In the meantime, sorry to hear about the passing of Kate Worley, the creator of Omaha The Cat Dancer. I learned alot from reading those fun explicit, but humane tales in all those collections I used to have down in San Diego. Her tales shaped my outlook in life in general.


14 pages in the can penciled, inked, and dialogued. Oliver and I meet this Saturday to GET A LOT DONE.

Alan will be stopping over my place to drop off the last three pages.

Brenner has given us the deadline of June 22nd to hand everything in.

Putting the finishing touches on my page 31 editorial.




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