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Monday, May 17, 2004


'We can't go around saying something that is inaccurate ' - Donny Rumsfield reacting to reports this weekend that Saran nerve gas was discovered and defused.... only they're not really sure it was Saran nerve gas in the first place

Funny - I just heard that they are at least 3 hours of unreleased Iraqi 'girls in Cellblock 13' videotapes and photographs that the general public hasn't seen, but are only being shown to your state senators and congresspeople - it's a limited engagement- just like your city's special selected movie theater that specializes in showcasing certain movies before they go into wide release at your local multiplex. Sixty Minutes is probably in line for the network broadcast premiere rights Or maybe they'll show up on bonus material on your favorite Blockbuster rented DVD. Who the fuck knows? Who the fuck cares? Just us civil minded liberals, I guess.

And they're not quite ready to leave the editing room not just yet.

A 'little sweeting' has to be applied in post production first.

Maybe the Oval office should call in for some pointers from Michael Moore on how to 'string film' together.


I'm meeting up with MAS at the Sherman Oaks Borders to swap assignments. He is supposedly going to have pages 4-15 completely inked and ready for word balloon commencement and he's willing to tackle the entire second half of the book and have it DONE by the 31st....ALL BY HIMSELF!

Oliver and I will be going over the entire script before the word balloons are applied electronically- I don't want any spare or embarrassing lines that are either made up on the spot or are not 'scripted' making their way onto the pages.

OH WAIT- SCRATCH THAT! It always pays to make a phone call while you're blattering away on your blog- MAS just cancelled and wants to meet tomorrow night instead..... as some family emergency just came up...


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