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Wednesday, May 12, 2004


Talk about parallel universes! On my way to Central Perk yesterday (with two minutes on the clock remaining) to pick up my Jonny Quest love-fest first season DVD set I saw this squirrel digging in some bushes trying to bury some inanimate object. It was kinda weird that this squirrel wasn't even acknowledging my presence- it just kept on digging.

Didn't think much about it afterward. Got my wet dream dvd set (now I'm probably sounding like some sick pedophile wannabe- but I loved Jonny Quest when I was a kid and had a better appreciation for it when you realize it was very innovative for it's time as I got older) and picked up a smoothie- as what I had only time for since they kicked me out. So as I walking towards the commissary which has been closed for hours on end, I noticed another strange foreign object on the sidewalk- closer inspection revealed - that it was a headless pigeon - his head ripped right off-

Immediate thought-

Holy shit - I hope this wasn't Nick Berg reincarnated. Because it didn't work the second time around.

Although, that squirrel.....

That squirrel must have been AL QAEDA! Why didn't I figure it out sooner what he must have been buring?

More tomorrow, or the next day- as I'll be meeting my little French/Spanish hottie for a date in Troy...




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