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Friday, April 01, 2005


Early this afternoon I gave a courtesy call to Kristin over @ Brenner Printing to see how the new Deposit Man book was coming along off the printer. She happily torted to me that they will be binding the books this afternoon. I empatheized about how excited I was to be getting the books delivered to me at work Monday and how I was going to call everyone over to my place for a little celebration until..... Kristin informed me that you're going to have to put a damper on that sordid little soiree because you misunderstood, 'we're not shipping the books out tonight'.

"What? I thought you said that I would be getting them on Monday?"

'No, she said and then began to clarify to me that they would be shipping the books out on Monday.

"Well, then I should have them on Tuesday, right?"

' Wrong again, you ninny. UPS won't be getting them to you until Friday.

"Early Friday morning?"

'NO you goddamn whining dumbass, Try Late Friday afternoon.

" Ya gotta be shittin' me! I'm flying out Friday morning!! Holy hannah's shitpile- what am I going to do?

'Suck it up and eat more additional freight charges if you want them shipped overnight.'

I guess I'll find out Monday of how much this is going to cost me when they call before sending out the boxes. Sigh

And the charges just keep piling up.

Oh, Where's a auditor when you really need one?

The saga continues.




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