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Friday, April 01, 2005


chick under shower

Because she's so very elated that a major hot kick ass movie is opening today and it's going to help put our world problems on the backburner ... at least momentary for this Saturday and Sunday.

No more wiping up the Pope's runny shit at the Vatican's death door.

No more Terri Schiavo drooling over all her vegetables.

No more al Qaeda Barbie doll beheadings on the six o'clock news.

No more Johnnie Cochran mourners passing around the paper bag bottle of Thunderbird in some suspicious darkened Hollywood alley.

Just pure unadultrated film noir grittiness and 45's a- blazing.

Jessica Alba

Especially when it comes to this scrumptious little darling being involved ...
one more

The world is as right as a refreshing tall glass of acid rain.

~ Coat

PS Though Sparky says to drool over this ninja starlet instead ...


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