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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Sparky: MooHaha! People don't connect the war to the economy - Are they on drugs?

Jay Leno Does His Best to Make Karl Rove Cry

Karl Rove was on The Tonight Show this evening to pimp out his new memoir, Courage and Consequence, but it seemed all Jay Leno wanted to do was make the man cry about his tortured childhood. The awkward video, inside.

First, Leno asked Rove to recall the time a girl beat him up when he was nine years old because of his support of Richard Nixon for President. Then, Leno asked Rove to talk about the fact that he didn't find out until he was 19 years old—and by accident—that he was adopted. Then, Leno asked Rove what it was like to be rejected by his biological father. And finally, Leno asked Rove to recall his mother's suicide.

Isn't The Tonight Show fun?!

[The Tonight Show with Jay Leno]


Rove Gets Branded 'War Criminal' At Book Signing

About 100 fans came out to hear Karl Rove at the Saban Theatre in Beverly Hills Monday night to discuss his book "Courage and Consequences: My Life As a Conservative In The Fight," -- but the fight wasn't contained to his book.

Anti-war protesters came out, some rushing the stage, to call Rove a "war criminal" and worse.

The fans came to get their books signed, but they never got that chance.

One woman, the co-founder of the anti-war group Code Pink, approached him with handcuffs and said she was there to make a citizen's arrest. Jodie Evans charged him with "outing a CIA agent... you lied to take us to war..." and "totally ruining the country."

KCAL 9's Dave Bryan was there and said Rove "was shouted down and forced to leave the stage."

Another woman screamed at Rove, "The only comfort I take is that ... you're going to rot in hell."

Rove, meanwhile, charged that the people shouting him down were an example of the "totalitarianism of the left ... they don't believe in dialog ... they don't believe in courtesy. They don't believe in first Amendment rights for anyone but themselves."

There were several heated exchanges between Rove and his critics before he decided he had enough and he left the stage.

He called one detractor a "lunatic." He told several others repeatedly to "get the heck out of here."

Bryan reported that security was apparently lacking and Rove was "left to fend for himself."

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Cowards always run away - look at Palin ...


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