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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Sparky Says: Even more mindless hate from the Big Mouth ...
Look - it that a Nazi salute from Caribou Barbie? Shame shame shame!
What basically amused me is that they claimed 30,000 attendees but produced only 7,000. Hehe! Time to remind them they are a vocal minority spouting “hate speech” to a lunatic fringe! Let's ID the nutbars as terrorists like that Asshat Stack.

Is she describing the assets she was so proud of back in her college days?

Imagine the stupidest woman on the planet likely thinks she's clever right now.
“ ... Catering to her crowd, Sarah ‘Pebbles’ Palin talked of limited government, strict adherence to the Constitution, and the 'God-given right' of freedom." ... the piece concluded, "Her fee was $100,000 for the appearance at the for-profit event."
- AP

======================== Tim McCown: Sarah Palin and the 10,000 7,000 desert dimwits at " Conservatives Woodstock"

It has become increasingly clear the more I hear Sarah Palin that she is suffering from an incurable medical condition. In medical terms it would be cranial rectitis or terminal stupidity in layman's terms. As a registered Democrat and a gun owner you Right Wing morons and your threats of gun violence and assaulting people are the best arguments for government to come confiscate my guns as well as yours. Anyone who shoots their mouth off as carelessly as you Tea Partiers seem too, can't possibly be trusted to handle a fire arm responsibly the argument will go.

I have no love for what this government or big corporations are doing. There is no doubt that they have no regard for our welfare nor do they care. If you really want to bring down those in power it requires absolutely no violence. You just stop complying with those in power. Violence is the tool of true Totalitarians and it always has been. A coward and a weakling resorts to violence.

Words have consequences. Before I reached my 19th birthday JFK, his brother RFK and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. had all been assassinated. There is plenty of room for dissent in this nation. It is what this nation was founded upon. But there should be no tolerance for calls to violence against those you disagree with. That is what they do dictatorships.

Like it or not because what those in your movement do is done in all of your names, here is the pathetic stupid crap your movement stands for. Racial epithets, death threats, broken windows, nooses faxed to Congressmen James Claiborne D-SC and Bart Stupak D- MI. A gas line sabotaged at the home of the brother of Rep.Tom Perriello D- Va. after it was posted on line by a local Tea Party Movement group.

The racist, bigoted moronics would be bad enough but protesters showed up at Rep. Russ Carnahan's home with a coffin. Rep. Betsy Markey D-Co. recieved two threatening phone calls. One caller said, " Better hope I don't run into you in a dark alley with a knife, a club, or a gun." another said, " Better tell your boss that she better be careful when she comes back to Colorado.

A Nashville man was the victim of road rage because he had an Obama bumper sticker on his car. Rep. Vic Snyder D-Az. recieved a letter that read, " Militia control has selected you for assassination."

I realize all of you Right Wingers feel far safer in a dictatorship like we had 8 years of under George Bush. And you find it frightening discovering that a majority of America doesn't see the world through paranoid glasses. We had free elections and even though Obama isn't doing what I think he should, I will work to change things through constructive non violence and refusing compliance.

Our electoral system is co-opted by the rule of money. Our system is failing because of that. Money and Power corrupts and our government is completely corrupted. It does not work for the benefit of most of us. That said, there is nothing patriotic or even remotely connected to the American Revolution in what you Tea Partiers are doing unless the revolution you are mimicking is the overthrow of the Weimar Republic by Hitler.

Any damn fool can pull a trigger. Any coward can hurl an epithet from a crowd. All of you disgrace the Gadsden flag because they stood for principles. This movement stands for nothing. When Palin says reload the thing that really scares me most is not that she is stupid enough to use an anology to gun violence, but that not a single one of you has any idea how to think for yourself.

This movement is exactly what Neimoeller wrote about when he wrote, First they came for...

Remember - All the the GOP did was fail to do nothing. No heroes there.


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