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Thursday, March 04, 2004


Little satire on a favorite Rush song of mine.

This is will be relatively short due to yet another shitload of work piled on my desk, which will require weekend overtime.

ITEM! Well, word came down that I will have be searching for new digs soon due to my landlady, The Dragon Lady selling the house that I've lived in for the past eight year into escrow, and I've got to find a place within two months or I'm up 'the dick up my ass' creek. I plan on staying in the San Fernando Valley area, specificallyin Sherman Oaks, Studio City or Toluca Lake - 'cause nowhere else is cooler or looks safer.

ITEM I caved in this week into buying some of the Yes Remasters-
I've been avoiding them, basically because I have almost the entire catalog on disk- but the last batch of Tormato, Drama, & 90125 have several unheard gems, particularily, the missing era of the 1979 Paris sessions - they were recordings that were recorded by Queen producer, Roy Thomas Baker before serious rifts occurred between singer Jon Anderson and Rick Wakeman with the rest of the band - and so came in the Buggles. It's the puzzle piece I've waited in all my Yes listening life.

ITEM! I will be doing reruns for the forseeable future, mostly my Deposit Man newsletters. I have a new one to send out to my mailing list, but it needs some serious tweaking- so in the meantime, I'm going to goof on myself and reprint things that I would be probably be embarrassed about.


Things I would love to talk about but can't due to time crunch.

Constantine wrap up.

Starsky & Hutch DVD.

Bill Clinton - Vice President?

That fight I go in with on a MTA bus with this fat douchebag who keeps sticking religious pamphets in my face.

Next time,




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