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Thursday, April 29, 2004


The official daily tally of what's been done so far on the DEPOSIT MAN AND THE LAST GREAT GATE OF MORTALITY - ACT TWO

Oliver has done finished pencils on the first fifteen pages...

MAS has nothing to but bit and pieces of inking scattered on the first ten. MAS has just got off the phone with me and said that he'll have them ready Tuesday evening.
He originally wanted to do it Wednesday - but I reminded him that Wednesday is Smallville and Angel night - and I don't want to break away from that. So Tuesday it will have to be. I pay off MAS in cash for work he's done on these pages and on the cover to the DEPOSIT MAN AND THE LAST GREAT GATE OF MORTALITY - ACT THREE - of which I will be premiering to my newsletter group next month after Alan Sinder settles back from his year long honeymoon in Japan, so he post them up.

Trying to contact Larry for two reasons - A) To start pencils on the third act and hopefully he has time to do finishes. I may split the inking duties between Oliver and MAS- as MAS is slightly behind my targeted schedule date. I was hoping that 20 pages would just about be completed by now - leaving a timeframe for Oliver and me to insert the dialogue- I don't know, maybe I'm jumping the gun on this one. I also need to know if Larry even has a copy of the script to the next one- if not- I need to go back and revise a couple of items for consistency sake. There's a a couple of loose ends that need revising- and to think that I had it all figured out.
And: B) To tell him that I struck some gold in unearthing a rare Sequential Tart review on the Deposit Man & The Survival Guide to the Afterlife off the web. The reviewer, she didn't much like it - but hey, it's better than having no review at all. Steven Grant's review of my latest was a cakewalk compared to the remorseless hate she felt for it. I wonder if I should apologize.

After the downer of my last two entries - not everythign was entirely bad this weekend. Friday was the arrival of my new Marillion- Marbles special fan edition double CD- Marillion's PR people have been kind to give me permission to plaster the ad for the new album (domestic release is next month or June- and it's only a single disc- so stuff will be edited on these editions). It doesn't take a Oxycotton addictic to tell that I'm rabid about these guys. Have been for twenty years. Well anyway, i'm surprised all that drugery has been coming out the past few days -when listening to this album over and over has been giving me a sense of euphoria that I've been missing for a while.

Earth 2, my local comic book store in Sherman Oaks hosted a 24 hour in a day comic event that Nat Gertler and Scott McCloud must whipped out over a case of Newcastles one evening. The entire country, if not the entire world must have partcipated in this event - (the best of the lot will be published in tradepaperback from ABout Comics later this year) So local talents such as Tone Rodriguez (Violent Messiahs and Snake Plissken) and some guy whose name I forget who does work on Red Star sat chained from 12 noon Saturday until Sunday noon, the next day with a completed 24 page story- roughly a page an hour written, drawn, and inked. Other artists were there as well, but I didn't bring my scorecard. I got there around 5 or 6, taking a break from moving my stuff from the old house to the new place to shoot the shit and crack wise with the people nutty enough to volunteer for this thing. A lot of it was caught on a camera by someone making a documentary- and just his luck, when Scott McCloud equiped with family, popped in for a cameo to do some interviews as he was touring shops along the west coast.

The LA Times Festival of Books was at peak capacity at usual. I kept running into people who I knew that enabled me not to make a complete sweep of the all the booths. Howard Chaykin strong armed me in purchasing the Escapist No 2 from Dark Horse Comics before it's initial street date. Always fun to run into him. I sometimes think I learned everything I know about life from Howard or least a major influence on why the Deposit Man has such a filthy mouth. Some guy who I know as Captain Mike from the Shrine Auditorium show was telling me rumors that the monthly Sci-Fi and Comic Book Convention might be making a permanent home over in Pasadena. Former LA Times- Palm Springs edition ace reporter, Pam Noles - the Beyonce of hot looking African American journalists spent the rest of the day catching up with stuff we've been up and we hung out with Wildstorm comics writer and Mystery Annex bookseller. Jeff Mariotte. So there was plenty to do to forget the bad stuff in life.




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