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Monday, April 26, 2004


Yet another hiatus - not due to not wanting to contribute entries, you understand- but due to the polarized issue of things getting in the way again.

Dirty rotten things.

But yet an eventable past few days.

Some good, some just awfully, awfully despicable.

Well while I wait to clock out in the next fifteen minutes, let me get things started.

The news media are asses- let's get that straight out in the open. From everything that's being covered (or not uncovered - everything that has the conspiracist turtle bursting his head from out of his shell) to the local stories that could happen just around the block from you. News media coverage such as you see on your local ...let's grasp for an example here....let me think..... AH HA- such as FOX distorts and twists things like an old sweater clothespined to your granny's old clothelines.

Such was the case on last Friday.

Last Thursday night- an incident that occured in Lancaster- a place where nothing usually happens a lot - it's main reputation of late, is where some African Americans are migrating to finding their own piece of suburbia, (from what a African American female acquiantence once told me) but I on the other hand fondly remember hearing that it is the birth place of Frank Zappa. But to get to the point - apparently last Thursaday - a family was massacred in a park - a family gunned down in front of witnesses. THAT's WHAT FOX REPORTED.

The next day, a co-worker and me are called in the supervisor's office. First thing that enters one's mind when called in anybody's is...the ax has fallen. Well, such was the case. My supervisor asks us whether we watched the news last night and happen to hear about the incident in Lancaster last night?

Well, this is shaping up to be a puzzling conversation. Wish I had time to finish it up- but I've got to clock out and meet Oliver about some finished artwork.




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