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Tuesday, April 27, 2004


Well it turns out that one of the people in question who got shot in Lancaster last week was the daughter of my co-workers in my department. What has got me irked that FOX News reported it wrong. I didn't know his full name, but when the name was dropped, I didn't recognize it- however my supervisor clarified to me - you know him as 'The Lotto Man' - the guy who comes in twice a week collecting money for the Lotto pool - you know, the one you don't partcipate in - 'cause you're always telling everyone that when and if you win the Lottery- you're going to hoard the money for yourself and not share it with anyone? Oh yeah- now it's coming back to me.

Well- I shoot the shit with him every now and then- so his misfortune does warrant a contribution from me to whichever memorial fund he will have set up for her.

But like I empathesized before- FOX reported it wrong. Fox claimed on their newscast that the family was gunned down by unknown assailants and the couple were due to be wed in a few months- very mysterious circumstances indeed - but from what came down the office pipeline was that the daughter had a restraining order from her fiance due to repeated incidents of abuse and just showed up at the park in Lancaster where she had taken her son to play and simply emptied five shots into her, saved the last one in the chamber for himself and blew his head off - ALL RIGHT IN FRONT of their seven year old son.

The kid, is needless to say, scarred for life. And it probably will make great subject matter for a future LAW & ORDER episode.

What did FOX hope to gain by misrepresenting the facts? This crudeness is all over the map with this network - Murdoch, along with CNN and MSNBC has been sugarcoating the events in Iraq - all due to what? Just because General Electric is in the business of bringing good things to life doesn't mean they reserve the right to take it back.

But misrepresenting the facts isn't something new- it goes back to the dawn of the century when my former roommate, Jerod lost it at Forest Lawn. Despondent over a friend who died of cancer, and was surrendering himself to the reality that he may never walk again after a work related accident, Jerod took it upon himself to try to commit suicide at a cemetary (To off oneself at a graveyard is simply trying to find the express route - One stop drive through to your picked spot of where you want to be laid out) by taking his walking cane and gun and waving it around like a lunatic causing conflicting stories to emerge and fasting than one could say, can I destroy that for you mister, media helicopters are in the sky and newsvans are parked at the gate waiting to interview fleeing witnesses. The one angle that both FOX and Channel 5 (KTLA) kept pushing at the five o'clock hour was that live on your tv - a handicapped man, obviously high on his meds (and that's a story for another time) has threatened a great many lives with threats of suicide and HAS A BOMB IN THE TRUNK OF HIS CAR.

Well- as soon I heard that I knew it to be total bunk. I knew Jarod didn't have the financial know-how to obtains materials for a bomb, let alone have steady hands patient enough to construct one. So the media, especially FOX NEWS will go to any lengths to get ratings. My former roommate, Jerod (who has since died of a major heart attack at the tender age of 32) had achieved the attention he craved if only just for a little while - but everything became knotted like a pretzel, he sought to get the people's attention due to his plight of needing major medical treatment he was seeking due to interstate political snafus (he had his work related accident out in New York - but the only doctors qualified to perform surgeryon him were out here in LA - but yet, the doctors said that he couldn't travel 3000 miles back to New York State after the surgery was completed. So he was forced to live here again- but New York in turn refused to provide him with disability checks- which was the message he was trying to get out. But the copters filming him from up above made him out to be a crazy man and therefore was generalized as certified looney tune. Never got around to making his point- No thanks to FOX and their biased reporting and we all sit in comtempt like the armchair judge, jury, and executioners that we are.

More fun tomorrow, I hope.





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