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Saturday, May 01, 2004


ITEM! Another fledging example why Delphiforums shouldn't mimic real seemed that yesterday during the late afternoon- a internet aquaintance of mine and fellow Doc Savage enthusiast, Micah Ian Wright came a spritzer all over his military records- Wright has been cooing liberals for a few years now against those dispicable right wing Iraqi testicle frying conservatives who prance day in and day out of the White House. Micah's main priority in life is to sit down in a nice comfy easy chair and entertain the mass populace with sharp brilliant animation and comic book script- but somehow he got caught up in some sidebar popularity with putting out a book about right wing propanganda by utilizing his photoshop skills and magically transformed a bunch of silly old World War I and II posters to suit his liberal needs by inserting in his own witty slogans such as Uncle Sam wielding a wrench under the moniker:'re next! And beneath Uncle Sam's knees it reads: Break Our Constitution, I Break Your Face! And another depicts a smiling Army private raising a coffee cup in a slight salute telling us all to 'Help Yourself to a Piping Hot Cup of SHUT YOUR FACE and you'll feel a whole lot better. After all you're not a terrorist, right?' So this and other witty examples can be found in his book Back the Attack! Remixed War Propaganda published by Seven Seas Press or something of that nature.
For some insipid purpose, some reporter from the Washington Post did a real though background check on Micah and discovered that Micah did not really serve in the ROTC, which was the basis on which Micah supposedly landed this book deal (as opposed to his photoshopping or comic book/prose writing skills). This topic exploded on his forum- so much that new posts kept going on and on for forty eight hours straight- which further demonstrates that some people have no lives outside of the internet have nothing better to do than lodge verbal WMD (weapons of mass discussion) at each other on a Saturday night when it's SUPPOSED TO BE A DATE NIGHT OR A NIGHT TO GET SHITFACED ON . !!

I knew all the time that Micah Ian Wright had nothing to do with military service. I suspected it from the very beginning just by looking at him. 34, beergut, out of shape, proclaimed that most of his service was done in the mid-eighties over at the Panama Canal and Suez Canal which would have made him a freshman in high school when all that Reagan Era bullshit went down.

I wish I could go on in length about this, but...I rather talk about progressive rock.

ITEM! I like it when I get packages in the mail- especially those I forget that I order with via the internet.

A couple of weeks back, I recieved the new Marillion album and my life has instantly become assimulated like a Marillo Borg. My whole life has become consumed by new snippets of Marillion lyrics and musical passages- so much that I've started using them now as e-mail subject headings.

Now I've got Fish's new one, A Field of Crows. Fish was Marillion's first singer. I wonder what profound effect this will have on my daily life.



The Deposit Man Daily Report: MAS and I have rescheduled our exchange of artwork for Thursday evening. MAS has church and I have a 'fresh' episode of Smallville to tape tomorrow.


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