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Friday, April 15, 2005


looks like your average poor porn star -eh

All pinup guru chicks don't have to made up of sugar and spice with everything nice. Sometimes they can be composed of Splenda and a teaspoon of tabasco sauce. Take this bitch from off the bayou for instance:
like Sparky knows who the f - Brittany S is ...

Now that Britney has finally fessed up to being knocked up by her husband Kevin Federline, a husband of whom I wouldn't mind seeing his teeth knocked out - for allowing that ditzy blonde to pose for magazine covers with his daughter and now her step-daughter - the first of many tragic events of which I predict will set the little tike off on the deep end once she finds out later in life that it was fucking Britney who was the one who caused the break-up of her mother and father- and that dumb blonde sperm recepticle has got to gloat about it publicily like this?

The little tike is going to grow up one day and slit their throats in their sleep. You mark my words. Only step children know the true meaning of vengeance- I should know.

With a new abomination in her belly, Britney can now go out and cause wanton destruction with her own flesh & blood genes and not endanger the welfare of others who have not popped out of her gold weaved spun gine-gine.

I can imagine all the pedophiles who once salivated over the baby fresh cover of her first gold album, Baby One More Time, - a album that she made when she was only fifteen, must be now plunging themselves off of 39 story buildings in remorse that they can no longer be the father of her love-child.

But Britney doesn't have a shred of talent when compared to Debbie Gibson. Holy Hannah, look at this one has grown.

cocaine glow

At least she has class.

Hilary Duff here

But let's save this one before Britney telepathically commands her to spreads her legs and lustly wreaks havoc on a newlywed couple and their first-born child.

This nonsense of step families has to stop. AND IT HAS STOP NOW!!
~ Coat


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