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Tuesday, April 05, 2005


Really don't have much to chirp about due to the nerviousness over whether or not my trip to San Francisco is going to go off without anything exploding in my freakin' face.

I found out that the book will finally be delivered to my work address tomorrow. Originally the book wasn't going to be dropped off until the morning that I have to catch my flight. That wasn't going to work within my schedule because I need at least a night to prep up and pack up the inventory of my other books. They suggested 3rd Day - but they still wouldn't come until Late Thursday. So I had to cough up nearly another hundred smacks to just cover the cost of 2nd Day air. Oliver is coming up to pick up them up and drive them over to my place, so I got to give him some extra cash because he's making up new mailing list forms for me. So far the tab on the production of this book has been nearly 3 grand.

I really mourn the day when the cost of my first one shot, The Deposit Man Kaleidoscopic Medicine Freak Show only cost a lousy $ 800. Now all of a sudden, I'm Mr. Fucking Big Spender.

Another thing that has my heart pounding is the waiting by my mailbox for some Spock's Beard promo posters that the band's label Insideout Music are supposed to send me due to the timely coincidence that they will be performing at The Pound on the evening of April 9th in support of their lastest, Octane the same weekend that I will be attending APE. So I want to make other attendees of the con aware that they are in town and that there are alternative activities to do on a Saturday night other than a party where getting soused until your head explodes is fashionable.

this way up

Finally getting the time to mention this: for the past two weeks I've been engrossed with the audio adaptations of everyone's favorite Belgium globetrotting boy reporter, Tintin (and his little dog, Snowy too) on BBC7 . Tomorrow is the last chapter of the Red Sea Sharks- but you can listen to week's worth of adventures such as Destination Moon and The Calculus Affair in the archive section of the website.

The gang's all here; Captain Haddock, Professor Calculus, and the Thompson Twins.

Elijah Snow

I have very many memories as a little squirt waking up early @ 7 AM to watch the old cartoon movies they made of Tintin in the early sixties. They used to rerun them on New York's ABC station right before Superfriends aired and I had to watch with the volume down real low so I wouldn't wake up my stepfather who was always sleeping on the couch with a few empty cans of Schlitz malt liquor and vacant boxes of Benson & Hedges 100's lying on the ground from the previous night before.

And I usually following his adventures in the pages of Highlights magazine at the Dentist or Doctor's office as a result of waking him up. So my Tintin quota usually worked out in the end.

Finally, HBO is having their second showing of the remarkable liberal rags to riches story of Air America Radio ,


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