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Thursday, April 07, 2005

Do you know the Way to Cargo Way?

funky western civilization

Last piece of business before I hop on the Southwest flight going north. Like I mentioned a couple of post ago- Local LA progressive rock band and major recording artist, Spock's Beard will be performing @ The PoundSF on Saturday evening.

The venue is located @ 100 Cargo Way Pier 96, which is a short hop from The APE convention taking place at The Concourse at Exhibition Square. Their record label, Insideout Music has designated me to pass out flyers in the band's behalf and they will be on display at my table.

Mirror Mirror - ask Sparky about Ken's Spock

Here is a map to get from Point A to Point B us ya know, just in case you're tired of tossing your hard earned sheckels in the tin cups of starving alternative comic book publishing artists.

Hey, believe me, I feel your pain. But- if you want to come back to the convention the next morning with blood dripping out of your eardrums- these guys will accommodate you.


~ The Mirror Universe Coat


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