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Tuesday, May 03, 2005

What Interests Sparky
May Interest You!

Sparky is a tad more travelled than Coat and offers some diversions:

In the mood for some Alex Toth like work? There's Rob Hanes Detective which is a comic book series people need to read more.

 Full color cover for ROB HANES ADVENTURES #7
Full color cover for ROB HANES ADVENTURES #7, Art copyright by Randy Reynaldo

A new issue of ROB HANES ADVENTURES is now available! Read as Rob tries his hand at a “cozy” as a "Great Detective!"

And the Anime series Master Keaton:
Sparky the bandwidth thief

From a popular manga series which was serialized in Big Comic Spirits from the late 80's to early 90's punning "Buster Keaton" - He's is Half Japanese and half English. An archaeologist with dreams of his own Troy, a detective not unlike Sherlock Holmes, who is an Oxford graduate and former SAS staff sergeant.

Demand Samurai Champloo!

The Cowboy Bebop team strike gold again. Buy this now!

Lastly UK readers may find this of interest:
Sandra & John sent us METAPHROG UPDATES!

An exhibition of original pages of art, comics and graphic novel work by Scotland based creators spanning from Electric Soup, including work by Shug, Dave Alexander, and early rarely seen Frank Quitely work; up until contemporary work by The Freedom Collective, Ben Simpson, the Northern Lightz team and Franco-Scottish duo metaphrog.

Underground and adult comic content plus gallery, shop and archive library, opening event will see writer Grant Morrison on the decks.

6th May to 2nd June.
DGP Studio and Space, 32 St Andrews Street in Glasgow's Saltmarket, UK.

Opening hours: 9am - 5pm weekdays - 12noon - 6pm on Saturday.

Private view: 7pm - 9pm Thursday the 5th of May
More than mere Sherman Oaks I say!

Sparky from Happy Ninja Isle!


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