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Tuesday, June 17, 2003


I want to write down about a incident that happened over the weekend that I hinted about yesterday.

As everyone is well aware, Sunday was Father's Day. My living situation at home is that I live in a nice plush house in Sherman Oaks, sharing the block with well known actors and people who work in the entertainment industry. I have been renting a room for like $250 a month in this house for the past eight years with a older couple who own a insurance business and a comic book store. I've been friends with them for like, ten years. I am also friends with their children, so it's like I'm a spare sibling. One sibling, Rebecca has helped me edit and proofread my Deposit Man scripts because she happens to be a grade school teacher, so she gets into it and has even contributed some lines of script on her own. She also has a five year old daughter who is over every weekend when she and her boyfriend go out. She has been separated from her husband for like six years now and won't divorce him because it would mean deportation for him back to England if she did. So, basically it works out to keep the family together as a unit. The husband and the boyfriend get along ok with each other as the husband is currently shacking up with another woman. Anyway, Rebecca's husband has been staying over my house to fix the place up, because the old couple are dead set on selling the place for a half a million dollars. He's been painting the rooms and putting up tiles in the bathroom and doing whatever needs to be done. Probably in a year's time, I will have find alternative accommodations. But in the meantime, we're all living it up in the high life.

In all this time, I've never had a problem with the husband. I find myself partial to British people because I have a quarter of british blood too (the other being , Russian, German and Irish). I've known the huband to be a drug abuser for quite some time, but I've never voiced an opinion about it frankly because it's not my business to be judgemental on how anyone live their lives. But the behavior that I witnessed this guy exhibit towards his daughter on Father's Day was just appalling. The husband worked all week on the house, I'll grant him that- but when Rebecca drops his daughter off for the weekend and if he's there at the house, then it's his job to watch her. So, I saw that they spent time together on Friday to watch a video of 'Shrek' and he specifically stated to his daughter that they would be going to see the new Rugrats movie in celebration of Father's Day tomorrow afternoon. Sounded keen.

Saturday morning- they were both up watching cartoons. He's looking in the paper to see what time the movie is playing. He tells her that movie will start in a hour and for her to go take a bath and get ready- but, twenty minutes later, out of nowhere, he unexpectingly calls Rebecca and asks her to take her to the movie instead and then runs upstairs, pulls the sheets over his head and isn't heard from for the rest of the day. Rebecca and her boyfriend come over fifteen minutes later and is fuming, practically frothing at the mouth. She is pissed off because she feels it's isn't right that her husband always double backs on his plans just because he doesn't feel good.

So I gather this isn't the first time this has happened.

Rebecca yanks her daughter out of the house. I went on about my buisness and I when I came back at midnight, I had heard that he was still asleep - which put a damper on my plans to blast the new Live Led Zeppelin collection ( but- since the house is so big, it doesn't disturb the old couple downstairs, who I always nickname Obi-Wan Dan and the Dragon Lady BTW) However, with it being Becky's husband sleeping in the room next to me, so I figured what the hell- DO IT ANYWAY!

Not a solid peep out of him.

So the next morning, Becky came back over and made brunch for everyone. And still her husband wouldn't get out of bed. Her daughter went up to see him. Told her to get out. Then Becky went up. He told her he had a headache and to leave him alone. I thought this was crass behavio. That's his daughter. He should be downstairs celebrating. Becky tells me later, why do you think we don't live together anymore? She tells me, that he would pull this shit when they were living together. Sleeping up to forty hours at a time. She had to replace the sheets and pillows because his sweat would stink up the place.

Just wanted to record that one for prosperity- that's all.

More tomorrow,




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