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Monday, July 28, 2003


Almost forgot to blog today as I'm busy packing to move to a new office space at the end of the week.

I knew it was going to be a shitty day when I woke up to the news of the passing of Bob Hope ( I was dismayed when I logged on to Yahoo! this morning and there was the link to click: Bob Hope Dead at 100. I thought that was fucking tacky. Usually when I hear the word dead it symbolizes that either you got a). murdered by a gangbanger, b). seriously miamed beyond any hope of recognition in a car accident, or c). you got turned to a toasted graham cracker smore in a 102 story skyscraper- but you when die in your sleep at 2 AM, it should be considered as just 'pissed away' in the summer wind. I bet right now everywhere from Burbank NBC studios up the road to Riverside Drive in Toluca Lake is just simply desavasted by this not so shocking news.I know it's been in the cards, ladies and gent- heck, bets have been waged on the Howard Stern Show for years, but it's going to hurt to wake up in the morning knowing that there will be a world that's going to exist without a Bob Hope in it.

I want to check out the scene for myself after I get off work but tonight I'm attending my very first union meeting, so I probably get to see flags waved at half mast tomorrow when I stroll through his home town in Toluca Lake on my way over to my writing sanctum santorium at night.

This has certainly been a eventful weekend for me. I think I landed my cover artist- just by a chance meeting in a local Carl's Jr. Interviewed some of the store staff at Earth 2 for my outdoor media article I'm doing for Comic's Buyers' Guide while Flash and Hawkman (etc) writer was doing a signing. Saw the new Lara Croft movie- bit of a letdown. Finished a draft on a Batman story proposal and came to work with some further positve e-mail feedback from the Viacom field office in London concerning my CBG article. Jeez, wait until Maggie gets these photos of double decker buses all garnished in Spider-Man and Hulk images.




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