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Tuesday, November 04, 2003


Hey Was, if you ever come across this- just to let you know, my dad cost you a shitload of money. Maybe you were successful with ripping off the rights to Flipper - but my old man caught on to your little devious penny ante scheme. But I'm not here to wax shit on a con artist-

Las Vegas, pants down covered in a roll of toilet paper smothered in peanut butter shitty goodness was the total ass suck of 2003 for me. For a show that was advertising themselves as the third largest convention in the nation with the total expectancy of attendees to be in the 30,000 range - disappointment was a total mild word to what was going through my head.

Although, some of the blame shouldn't be taken directly towards the show's organizers - no one predicted that the massive wildfires that plagued the state of California would close down some of the major throughways - cutting off motor travel- but you'd think the entire city of Vegas would pitch in with attendance. Surely there are more than 3500 or so people out in Vegas interested in comics or anime. So what the hell went wrong?

Well, number # 1 - more big name guests would have been nice. Mark Hamill was the show's biggest draw- but he wasn't out there to hype the Star Wars Rhetoric train to nowhere or to talk about his voice work on all the various animated shows he's done over the years- he was there along with Jess Harnell and Billy West to hawk Hamill's strict to DVD release, Comic Book, The Movie. I don't think some unknown soap opera actress who just happened to have a recent guest starring role on CSI wasn't packing them in either.

Me - I was sandwiched between a psychic tarot card reader and a antique toy dealer- which is something else the organizers failed to realize that the main reason I didn't have a equal fighting chance was because - I was OSTRACHIZED from other comic book publishers. I was holding fort at the ass end of nowhere to the point where dealers were getting up to pack up their wares in the middle of SATURDAY AFTERNOON. If anyone wanted to move to a different location where they felt they could do better- they were CHARGED FOR IT. I had to stay for the duration- and smack dab where they left me, because I invested too much time and money into the production of the new Deposit Man book. This whole show despite the aid from my dad and my brother at the booth netted me a loss of a couple of grand.

Whatever money I made at the table- I blew it on slots.

Well, at least the book came out ok.

What the fuck is going to make it up to me this week.

A date to see Matrix: Revolutions with a certain raven haired journalist pal could do wonders for me. At least she's easy on the eyes.

More on Thursday.