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Sunday, April 04, 2010

Sparky says - It's time to ask those Asshat Redcoats if they want to persist in calling themselves “Patriot Teabaggers” after gutting the biggest surplus ever?

Even Nixon learnt the lesson LBJ didn't - eventually.
Again? Are there still people who view Reagan the Rapist as a kindly old grandfather figure who outspent the Soviets to win the Cold War? Have they looked at the Russians lately?
Ponder this ridiculous move —
Voyeur West Hollywood Nightclub
In February, the RNC reportedly spent nearly $2,000 at Voyeur West Hollywood, a nightclub featuring scantily-clad dancers. UrbanDaddy calls Voyeur "a lavish new nightspot suggesting that highbrow elegance and a bit of S&M are not mutually exclusive."
Future Young Republicans heading to Voyeurs?

It gets better —

Comics Mock RNC Stripper-Gate Staffer, Who Turns Out To Be A Woman

The Republican National Committee recently took a lot of heat from its social conservative supporters after it was revealed that a staffer billed the party $2,000 for an evening at a West Hollywood strip club. Donors were outraged that their contributions were going to fund such activities. The party leader came under criticism (he claimed that he had no idea, did not approve and has since fired the staffer) and some prominent Christian Right leaders - such as Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council - called on fellow conservatives to discontinue contributions to the RNC.

The whole affair also provided plenty of folder for late-night comedians(see below).

They may have to revisit the story now that it has gotten a lot more interesting. It was naturally believed that a male staffer was simply having a food time on the party's dime (that rhymes!). But now we now that it was actually a woman's night out:

Turns out the Republican National Committee staffer who accompanied a group of donors to Voyeur, a bondage-themed nightclub in West Hollywood, and then turned in an expense account seeking reimbursement for the nearly $2,000 tab, is one Allison Meyers, director -- make that former director -- of the RNC's Young Eagles program of donors under the age of 45.

First of all, just being below 45 makes you a 'Young Eagle' in the Republican handbook? The RNC must be really desperate for the youth vote.

And, secondly and lastly, this staffer is really innocent. Women hate strip clubs as sexist establishments and she would have never gone had she not had to entertain prominent donors. She did this on their behalf and cannot be expected to personally bear the $2,000 tab. She had every right to seek an reimbursement. The party should never had fired her and instead properly explained that sometimes Republicans only open up their wallets when they are drunk and have chicks' asses in their faces.

Those RNC nights...

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2 Girls 1 GOP
We're ranting at the teabaggers clearly identified as greedy failed wannabe Hippies EST graduates who are afraid of Blacks.
I love quoting the WhiteChapel person I'll call Sword Rampage Burglar:

... on the topic of the fucking fucks that are the Tea Party Patriots and their associated wingnut militia movement and Christian Identity thugs, some of you may have missed this charming little news item: 30 state governors have received letters warning them to "step down or be removed":
  1. More than 30 governors, including Robert F. McDonnell (R) of Virginia, received letters from an anti-government group this week demanding that they resign within three days or face removal from office.
  2. The letters from the group, Guardians of the Free Republics, do not threaten violence, according to officials in Richmond and Washington. No arrests have been made.
  3. Maryland Gov. Martin O'Malley (D) did not receive a letter, his spokesman, Shaun Adamec, said Friday.
  4. The demands come after an outbreak of harassment and vandalism against members of Congress a couple of weeks ago. A Philadelphia man was charged Monday with threatening to kill U.S. House Republican Whip Eric Cantor (VA.) and his family.
  5. The FBI and Department of Homeland Security warned police across the country that the letters could provoke violent behavior.
Plus - Washington Post, Apr 3: Is there a nationwide shortage of black hoods and zip ties or something? I bet Guantanamo is just lovely this time of year. Do not dismiss these people as harmless cranks. Think these are all just unconnected incidents? The "Opposing Views" blog wraps it up for us:
  • No connection to Sean Hannity's "Tim McVeigh wannabe" comment yesterday.
  • No connection to the rocks and bricks thrown through windows.
  • No connection to U.S. congressmen being spit upon and having racial & ethnic epithets screamed at them.
  • No connection to relatives of congressmen having their gas lines being severed.
  • No connection to people having their cars deliberately rear-ended, repeatedly, when they and their young children are in it, because they have an Obama bumper sticker on it.
  • No connection to "a thousand little Wacos" being threatened against the Speaker of the House.
  • No connection to people calling themselves "proud right-wing terrorists".
  • No connection to Sarah Palin telling people to "reload" while displaying a map of rifle crosshairs centered over Democratic congressional districts.
  • No connection to "We came unarmed ... this time" or "We'll use the bullet box if we fail at the ballot box" signs.
  • No connection to pictures of Barack Obama depicted as Adolph Hitler, Benito Mussolini, Joseph Stalin or The Joker.
  • No connection to Greedy Asshat Andrew Joseph Stack III, who deliberately flew his plane into an IRS building and murdered an innocent man.
  • No connection to the Hutaree terrorist group who was arrested last week for planning to murder dozens of police officers.
... and also helpfully points out that the upcoming Tea Party Patriots' Freedom Rally just happens to fall on April 19th. (What, all the lesbian bondage clubs were booked?) Surely just another coincidence that only isolated cranks would take as incitement to violence and rebellion. Just Sarah Palin and her ilk idly sitting around, whistling "Dixie" and saying, as if to the air," "Who will rid me of this troublesome negropriest?" ... Free speech, right?
Bondage-Inspired Clothes From Back In The Day

S&M frequently inspires must-have fashion items, like these current MUST HAVE THEM shoes. But what did that sexy stuff look like back in the day? Well, check out this vintage leather outfit—used in a musical number to boot!


There’s some stiff competition, but the sluttiest Barbie of all time has just come out: Black Canary. It’s based on the comic book character and conservative Christian groups are pissed because the kids brand doll has been (even more) tricked out in this outfit—a vinyl teddy and knee high boots with fishnets. Does Barbie like it rough? Now, we’re not sure who the market for this S&M Barbie is, but it looks just like Cher from the “If I Could Turn Back Time” video. Patent vinyl is clearly a timeless fashion classic. [Dlisted]