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Saturday, April 07, 2007

SPARKY REPOST - Bill O'Reilly is an ass.
Join the War on Easter Soldier!

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One guesses if one supports the War on Xmas then by extension one must also support the War on Easter. Honestly, if I can show through Paul that his 'original' impression of "Jesus Christ" was that of a savior existing in a spiritual dimension not on our soiled earth - then the Gospels are a pack of lies. There was never any human framework to hang on "Jesus" - the myth remains the result of a whisper campaign gone horribly awry.

Ponder it if you will, brave overwhelmed Jewish radicals think of a way to get the Romans out of Judea and come up with a simple campaign. And look it results in near eradication of their people in their country and the Roman oppressors totally in charge.

The most glorious thing about knowing what a giant crock "Jesus Christ" is - is that is it the most devastating thing to Islam as well. As their book claims him as a misunderstood prophet.

And as Matzah days end here - be mindful of the intent and don't buy the spin crackpot assholes put on their brand of religion. I doubt most Xtians know their decalogue is edited. And fewer know where the clear errors in their translation of the Torah exists. Or even where it explicitly states that causing a miscarriage isn't murder.
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I think Buddhism and Judaism may be the only ones who would admit to the possibility their cosmology might be inspired literature and not gospel truth. One day I'll show you how to trap a fundie. And at this point I wouldn't state that Xtianity is better than worshiping Xemu.

Later we'll examine one of those who made Lee Harvey Oswald a patsy. - S