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Thursday, December 01, 2005


The PP Guru is still holed up at his Papa PP Guru's house in Las Vegas. Coincidently, lots of headline news has been circulating during his stay here. Pat Morita, as Sparky noted before, had passed away on Thanksgiving and was buried in a cemetary over in Green Valley, not too far from where his Papa PP Guru works. Lots of the Hollywood elite had either attended or phoned in their condolences to his family (his wife is a pretty young hot thing from what the PP Guru has seen from the local tv news coverage). Just the other day, a SWAT manhunt converged on a escaped from prison armed robbery convict who has been on the lam for the past three months and has the ACLU pretty miffed after seeing a newsreport from an eye in the sky helicopter that one of the arresting officers cold cocked the suspect right in the back of the head while he was handcuffed. A lot of talk is also centered around about building a subway out here- which is a totally ludicrious idea seeing as how people can walk from one end of the strip to the other in a matter of minutes. Traffic may always be snarled on the strip 24/7, 365 days a year, but a city as small as Las Vegas is just pushing to reach into the coiffures of all it's tax paying citizens just to accommodate tourists and the PP Guru thinks that the residents will not let this go down without a fight.
Now that the PP Guru is down a little bit on expenditures (that $ 216 one arm bandit high didn't last too long, once the PP Guru realized that he had a credit card payment that was looming near it's deadline- so most of those winnings went to taking care of that tab- plus add in overnight packages out to the EDD and Warner Bros concerning his separation agreements and it's easy come and easy go), the PP Guru is watching on how to feed his presidential paper rations to those money sucking progressives. He lost in a bingo tournament yesterday with Obi-Wan Danobi. So instead of eating at Applebee's or flamin' filet mignon steakhouses, he's eating more at Panda Inn or grabing a happy meal or staying at the Papa PP Guru's house eating whatever his step mom is fixing at home. Instead of taxi's, he's been using the local transit system, that's currently using these new double decker buses that go back and forth all over the strip called the Deuce. The only drawback is that it drops you off at a transit station where the PP Guru has to transfer to another bus to get back to his Papa PP Guru's house and that can sometimes take from up to an hour to wait- but luckily, the transit center has some cheeseball poker progressives to help widdle away the time.
on the bus
Another reason for the lengthy stay at the Papa PP Guru's house is to take a breather from the nightmare that has recently become part of the PP Guru's normal day to day grind. The PP Guru has been unemplyed for two months now and it's unlikely the PP Guru won't return to the work force until sometime into the new year. Everyday, the PP Guru has fallen in the tired routine of going to the library each day and e-mailing resumes to entertainment companies. His alter ego, Cary Coatney has an account on, but each time he posts a resume for a possible entertainment employer - he gets back job offers from financial institutions and insurance companies that want to lowball his salary than what it's worth. The PP Guru can not fathom what part of Entertainment clerk typist / data entry operator they fail to understand. However, on the freelance writing end of the stick, just before the PP Guru left for Vegas, he did finally get to see what one of the stories he wrote for Heavy Metal with Larry Nadolsky looks like. Also the PP Guru is itching to get Tantalizing Tara of the Thetan Tetons' writing project done once he gets back home.

Another reason for the long sabbatical is that despite the warning of colleagues and close friends, the PP Guru has indeed fallen head over heels in love with his *ahem* film star neighbor, Rikki. He cannot no longer deny it - the heart is dictating more than what the little head is telling him- that's no longer a struggle for a lustful stranglehold. The PP Guru thought that maybe not seeing her on a day to day basis would sort of taper off his yearning for her- but such is not the case. He realizes, he misses the shit out of her. Deep down, the reason the PP Guru wanted to come here was to fulfill completing a task that he was under the asumption that she wanted him to do for her that required using some of his creative writing super powers. The PP Guru composed it for her...or he started to composing it once he got a e-mail from her wishing him a happy smile and wonderful day. Sometimes, the PP Guru thinks that he's going down a ratings dive in this 'whatever it is' relationship ( the PP Guru, or rather, his nom de plume of Cary Coatney doesn't go around saying to people that she is his girlfriend, although a good friend of his did tell him over his 50th birthday celebration that going out to fetch a bean and cheese burrito and a Starbucks Mocha at 5 in the morning for her does constitute a boyfriend / girlfriend running theme- go figure) with the fear that he simply doesn't wow her anymore with the keyboard sernading, the helping out with house chores, or the HBO dvd borrowing - but then when the PP Guru gets this e-mail from her — it gives the PP Guru pause to wonder — that maybe there is a sense to wonderment to all this after all.

Like the PP Guru mentioned in another short entry, Rikki had hurt herself in a accident, and believe it or not - it was a premonition that the PP Guru had in a dream just a few days before we both had a major blow out (Damn the PP Guru's precog abilities!!) - or to put in a better term - the PP Guru was showing off his spoiled brat side to her, when the PP Guru wanted so desperately to have her watch his new Batman Begins dvd with her and she couldn't make the time to do so. On her end, she wanted the PP Guru to write something for her; a sort of PR piece for her *ahem* film star lifestyle - the PP Guru couldn't understand why she would want him to do this when we weren't that intimate with each other. Oh sure, we fiddled around some but nothing that would constitute as the full monty. The PP Guru failed to understand, that like him, she wasn't getting the updated google listings like she thought she deserved, and perhaps the PP Guru's wordsmith sway could help change all that. So there was a period of almost two weeks in which we didn't say a word to each other...until he heard her accident which could have endangered her life. It really was painful for the PP Guru to see her hobble around on a walker. The PP Guru couldn't stand by and see her suffer like this.. it was a heartless abandonment on his part, so he choked back his PP Guru pride and made amends with her, apologizing like the flunked Leykis 101 dropout that he really is and hopefully put himself back in the role of number one or two of people to depend on.

But since the PP Guru had holed himelf up here, he didn't think that she really didn't want have anything to do with him anymore until that e-mail came for him that was sent without any provocation on his part. He certainly didn't influence her to send it out - but it made the PP Guru gleeful that someone far away other than family actually thought of him. So he hopes that what he brings back for her from Caesar's Palace and the Paris Casino will make it worthwhile and put a smile back on her face that will last longer than a hour or so. Because despite what people's advice to the PP Guru - of her being the object of the PP Guru's affections, the PP Guru can't think of a day (other than our big blow out) when he doesn't yearn for her company. The amount of work that goes in keeping the most important thing running between us like a strange a knowledgable journey that can only come full circle in our tenure of friendship is worthwhile. It's a learning experience. So in lieu of all the obstacles that stand between us, the PP Guru is proud to have her as one of his closest confidents. And it turns out that after the PP Guru did complete the piece for her, and he called to tell her that he was about ready to post it for her - did she realize that maybe it wouldn't be a good idea after all. The PP Guru agreed that it was ok on his end too. Perhaps he'll submit to Analog magazine or something or maybe Uncle Harlan would get a kick out of it.

The way back home tomorrow. Face up or turn the wild card down on



P.S. Rebecca and family are doing fine. As the PP Guru mentioned in his last entry, Rebecca had gotten a little too tipsy after some heavy partying which caused to her to become dehydrated and lethargic. After her husband Cro-Mag drove her and the kids back home Saturday, she got back into her spirits after a much needed rest. She promises that she will never drink that excessively ever again.

Famous last words.

Sunday, November 27, 2005


The PP Guru can't believe it! He's finally hit into some filthy lucre for once in his life! The PP Guru has just walked out of the Barbary Coast Casino $ 216.00 richer than when he walked in.

The PP Guru came into Vegas via his surrogate sister, Rebecca - only she had to be taken to the hospital Friday night due to some unfortunate alochol poisoning ( yeah, 5 cosmos, 16 Coors lights, 1 anti-supressant pill from the previous night before will do that to you) put a damper on the PP Guru winning streak - even though he was only ahead $ 25.00.

Well, nothing much to speak of Thanksgiving night. Had dinner at some Italan joint at the Sunset Station. My dad pitched in for the plates at $ 20

Should the PP Guru cave in and buy his neighbor, Rikki a little memento of his winnings.

Tune in next time and see.

And the game plays on to the


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They're not talking about the Downing Street Memo and the senseless rush to war engineered by the Executive Branch Chickenhawks and their
Bush II Junta's Boy King Puppethead and; But, a faux pas that reveals how evil this Bush really is ...

Further details about Bush-Blair memo stopped
November 26, 2005

Peter Henry Goldsmith, Baron Goldsmith

The U.K. attorney general Lord Goldsmith has warned British media that further reporting of details from an allegedly leaked memo about a dispute between Tony Blair and George Bush "could be in breach of section 5 of the Official Secrets Act." The Guardian quoted an unnamed Downing Street source as saying that the decision whether to prosecute was "entirely up to the attorney general", who intended to "draw a line in the sand" to stop further leaks.
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Jeremy Dear, secretary of National Union of Journalists, called it "a heavy-handed attempt to shut the stable door after the horse has bolted. It is a double attack on the freedom of the press and freedom of information." Mr Dear continued "These sort of attempts to stifle uncomfortable revelations printed in a newspaper, which is only carrying out its proper duty to inform the British public, does the government of what is supposed to be a democracy no credit whatsoever."
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According to The Guardian this "is believed to be the first time the Blair government has threatened newspapers in this way". The British government has before obtained court injunctions against newspapers, but never prosecuted editors for publishing contents of leaked documents.
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Former British defence minister Peter Kilfoyle earlier called for the full text of the memo to be published. "I believe that Downing Street ought to publish this memo in the interests of transparency, given that much of the detail appears to be in the public domain". He added "If it was the case that President Bush wanted to bomb al-Jazeera in what is after all a friendly country, it speaks volumes and it raises questions about subsequent attacks that took place on the press that wasn't embedded with coalition forces."

Tuesday, the Daily Mirror, a British tabloid, ran a front page story under the headline "Bush plot to bomb his ally", citing the memo in question (see previous story). In response to the attorney general, the Daily Mirror said it had "essentially agreed to comply". Boris Johnson, MP for Henley and editor of The Spectator magazine, has condemned the Attorney General's actions and offered to risk jail by printing the memo if he receives it within the next few days.

The Washington Post cited an unnamed senior Washington diplomat saying that the Bush remark as reported by the Daily Mirror "sounds like one of the president's one-liners that is meant as a joke." But, the diplomat said, "it was foolish for someone to write it down, and now it will be a story for days."

The meeting between Bush and Blair occured on April 16, 2004, at the height of the US assault on Fallujah. According to some reports, al-Jazeera was the only major news organisation providing eyewitness reports and video footage from within the city at the time.

There is a history of enmity between senior U.S. officials and al-Jazeera. Vice President Dick Cheney has said that the network ran the risk of being labeled "Osama [bin Laden]'s outlet to the world", and Pentagon chief Donald Rumsfeld has called its coverage "outrageous" and "inexcusably biased".

Al-Jazeera's news bureau in Kabul was destroyed by a U.S. missile during the aerial assault on the Taliban. The Pentagon later stated it did not know that the network's offices were in the building. Al-Jazeera's Baghdad bureau was also hit by US forces, resulting in the death of an al-Jazeera journalist during the April 2003 assault on Baghdad. The Pentagon claimed U.S. troops were responding to enemy fire from the building.

Related news Sources

The sister sent me this gag image of the Bushes in New Orleans ... Shame she won't cop to Reagan being a rapist who got away clean ...

SpaceX scrubs Falcon I rocket launch
November 28, 2005
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TacSat-1 spacecraft, which was supposed to be the successor to the Falcon I

SpaceX called off the much-delayed inaugural launch of their new Falcon 1 rocket on Saturday from Kwajalein’s Omelek Island launch site. The intent was to launch the U.S. Air Force Academy's FalconSat 2 satellite, which will monitor plasma interactions with the Earth's upper atmosphere and magnetosphere.

The launch was delayed, then finally cancelled after an oxygen boil-off vent had accidentally been left open. The oxygen was unable to cool the helium pressurant, which then proceeded to evaporate faster than it could be replenished. A main computer issue, probably serious enough to cause a scrub on its own, was also discovered.

This long-anticipated flight was originally expected to be launched in January 2005, however a series of setbacks forced a series of delays, with the flight most recently scheduled to be in early 2006. It was intended to be launched from the Kwajalein atoll in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

The maiden voyage was originally intended to launch from Vandenberg Air Force Base in California with a Naval Research Laboratory satellite and a Space Services Incorporated space burial payload.

SpaceX is a startup company founded in 2002 by Elon Musk, who is also known for founding the PayPal online payment service. The launch price per pound for the Falcon I is substantially cheaper than that of other US launch vehicles. In the past Musk has stated, "Long term plans call for development of a heavy lift product and even a super-heavy, if there is customer demand. We expect that each size increase would result in a meaningful decrease in cost per pound to orbit. For example, dollar cost per pound to orbit dropped from $4,000 to $1,300 ($8,800/kg to $2,900/kg) between Falcon 1 and Falcon 5. Ultimately, I believe $500 per pound ($1,100/kg) or less is very achievable."


Pat Morita - Mr. Miyagi passes away, Thanksgiving Day

Noriyuki "Pat" Morita

Noriyuki "Pat" Morita

Noriyuki "Pat" Morita (June 28, 1932November 24, 2005) was a Japanese-American actor best known for the roles of Arnold on the TV show Happy Days and Mr. Miyagi in the movie The Karate Kid, for which he was nominated for Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor in 1984.

Early life

Born in Isleton, California, the son of an itinerant fruit worker, Morita developed spinal tuberculosis at age two and spent the bulk of the next nine years in Northern California hospitals, including the Shriners Hospital in San Francisco. He was for long periods wrapped in a full body cast and was told he would never walk. The boy, often alone and isolated, made sock puppets to entertain himself.

After a surgeon fused four vertebrae in his spine, Noriyuki finally learned to walk again at age 11. By then, his Japanese American family had been sent to an internment camp to be detained for the duration of World War II. The boy was transported from the hospital directly to the camp in Arizona to join them.

For a time after the war, the family operated Ariake Chop Suey, a restaurant in Sacramento, California. Teenage "Nori" would entertain customers with jokes and serve as master of ceremonies for group dinners.

Noriyuki graduated from Armijo High School in Fairfield, California and shortly thereafter moved back to the Sacramento area, where he took a job with Aerojet-General, an aerospace company that designed and manufactured rocket engines, including those for the US Navy's UGM-27 Polaris.

It was only after working his way up to head of a computer operations department that Morita, by now a husband and father, and also seriously overweight, decided he had taken the wrong life path. He quit and became a standup comedian. Often billed as "the Hip Nip" in his standup act, he became a member of the Los Angeles improvisational comedy troupe The Groundlings.

Television and movie career

His first movie role was as a sterotypical henchman in Thoroughly Modern Millie (1967). Later, a recurring role as a Korean Captain Sam Pak on the sitcom M*A*S*H helped advance the comedian's acting career.

He had a recurring role on the show Happy Days as Matsumoto "Arnold" Takahashi, owner of the diner Arnold's. After the first season (1975-1976), he left the popular show to star in his own sitcom called Mr. T and Tina as an inventor named Taro Takahashi. The sitcom was placed on Saturday nights by ABC and was quickly cancelled after a month in the fall of 1976. Morita eventually returned to Happy Days, reprising his role in the 1982-1983 season.

Morita gained worldwide fame playing wise karate teacher Kesuke Miyagi who taught young "Daniel-san" in The Karate Kid. He was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor as well as a Golden Globe and reprised his role as the sensei Mr. Miyagi in three sequels. Morita never formally practiced a martial art and most of his karate scenes were performed by stunt double (and noted shito-ryu karate-ka) Fumio Demura. Although he had been using the name "Pat Morita" for years, producer Jerry Weintraub suggested that Pat be billed with his given name to sound more ethnic (see [[1]]).

Morita went on to star as the title character in the ABC detective show Ohara (1987-1988) with the real Batman (Kevin Conroy). He wrote and starred in the World War II romance film Captive Hearts (1987).

Like many Asian American actors, Morita spoke English with a perfect American accent although he was frequently typecasted with a Japanese or Korean accent.


Morita died on Thanksgiving Day, November 24, 2005, at his home in Las Vegas, Nevada, of natural causes at age 73. Morita will be buried at Palm Green Valley Mortuary and Cemetery. He is survived by his second wife, actress Evelyn Guerrero, and three daughters from a previous marriage to his first wife, Yuki. Yuki and their three daughters were with him at the time of his death.

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