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Friday, May 07, 2004


Last week I finally struck some gold in a search engine free for all that I usually conduct on a monthly basis on myself and my Deposit Man books. I'll go through like twenty or so search engines either it be Dogpile, Mamma,, or my favorite; - just because I'm so in love in myself that's it nearly become a stalker obsession. Oddly enough, this little piece of nostalgia- one year and four months old managed to slip beneath my Deposit Man PR radar.

Any bad publicity is good publicity, I suppose.

From the site of the last bastion of feminist nepotism wields its silky smooth iron fist for the spirit of sisterhood of comic purveyors everywhere comes a review of the Deposit Man Survival Guide to the Afterlife.

The Deposit Man

by Trisha Sebastian

Reviews may contain information that could be considered 'spoilers'. Readers should proceed at their own risk.

Independent Comics

Writer: Cary Coatney, Rebecca Robbins
Pencils: Larry Nadolsky
Cover Artist:
Other Creator:

Grade: 3

I used to think that I could read just about anything. The Deposit Man is the book that's proven me wrong.

Like any other propoganda or philosophical novel, Cary Coatney and Rebecca Robbins pepper their script with incredibly long and dense speeches on why their way of thinking is better than everyone else's. The prose is so long and dense that I can't understand exactly what their stance is. All I can really tell is that they're against homophobia and hypocritical religion. Our main character is dead and very angry at God, but again, I couldn't get past the bar fight to understand what was going on. I'm also not too much a fan of the blatant use of crude language and deliberate sensationalism (which is why I can only take Transmetropolitan in small doses). Coatney and Robbins wield the language like a sledgehammer and use it incessantly. Because of this, I can't sympathize with any of the characters, especially the main character.

The only thing that's really standing out as a great part of the book is the ingenious artwork by Larry Nadolsky, and it's not his art per se, but the way he manages to do layouts with the Coatney/Robbins script that makes it great. Otherwise, the style is a bit too cartoony to take the subject matter seriously, like the two gay characters in the bar near the beginning of the story. The looked like caricatures of Archie characters, pompadours and all.

To be fair, I decided to check out the website, to see if there was something I was missing. I found only a static index page with no way to enter the site. Sorry, guys, but that takes your score even lower. Considering the comic was made it 2001, you'd think that'd be enough time to get some content up, wouldn't you think?

In short, this is a very dull tale that I didn't even finish. I don't think anyone else should either.

Written: December 8, 2002
Published: January 1, 2003

I wish had time right now to publically point out some inconsistencies on Trisha's behalf - some even one of my co-workers spotted- but I'm pressed for time to catch my last bus home. But for the most part, Trisha wrote a fair and balanced review, in her opinion and I respect most of what she's said. I've certainly changed my work habits on the current books with Oliver on my team. I'm glad that Trisha didn't go on the shoddiness of how the book was printed- she judged it as a whole. And for that I'm grateful. Because I could really be in hot water. But Monday, I'll try to psychoanalyze it further.

Right now- with it being Friday and all-


Well, it wasn't a satisfactory meeting with MAS last night. Out of the current ten pages he's working on - he only has three pages that Oliver and I can download some word balloons to...MAS claims he needs more time with what Oliver, him, and I refer to as the MEXICAN MATRIX RELOADED sequence. So he promises that he will have them fully inked and ready by May 17th along with a additional 5 pages. Like I said- the book is getting way behind schedule.

Mas and I had a debate about inkers having the harder task in this business. I'll dwell on my reponse to that over the weekend. Hopefully I will be reunited with Alan Sinder- now that he has returned from Japan. He can finally get cracking on getting some downloaded images for the new books on my depositman e-mail mailing list.



Wednesday, May 05, 2004


It sure is a monumental time for blogging... so much has happened, so little time to tell. The thread of Micah Ian Wright's question in terms of his lying about his ranger service has been closed down ON HIS OWN MESSAGE BOARD I MIGHT ADD. The search for the former Wildstorm/DC comic book writer of Stormwatch: Team Achilles and Vigilante and his integrity is an ongoing debate on the delphi messageboards. I see a good portion of delphiforums members are not taking his public apology to heart and this could cause a ripple effect in having his entire forum to fold. I'm curious about how these mods work. I read one post saying that they could ban and gag the host, even though he is one footing the bill for the messageboard to be on in the first place.

But I try not to dwell on it too long. After all, everything on Delphiforums is 99 percent make-believe anyway. I rather talk about progessive rock instead..

ITEM! Well, I listened to the new Fish album last night, A Field of Crows and it isn't really up to par as the new Marillion album is (Fish's old band) . Sure there are some toe tappers on it such as Zoo Class and Old Crow which has Fish exploring familiar Motown territory such as he did wayyy back with his very first album, Virgil in A Wildness of Mirrors and of course you can't get away without smirking at the brilliance of Fish's lyrical witticisms on tracks such as The Rookie and Numbers - but Steve Hogarth, the current singer of Marillion is the better trained singer and the more melody meister, and therefore resonates with the most memorable tunes from Marillion's new Marbles double CD that it sticks more in your craw. Fish is still the better lyricist and more socially conscientious of the two. But I am content with both their of their material and each deserve a unbiased listen on their own merits. Strange that I got both CDs at the nearly the same time!

ITEM!! Of all the DVD to salivate over - next Tuesday the entire season of Jonny Quest is on the top of my drool bucket list...All 26 classic Quest episodes rendered in their mid-sixties glory by Alex Toth and Doug Wiley. It's something I threw out in the ring on a lark on a most requested you want to see released on a DVD thread on a delphiforum, not thinking that the DVD manufactors of the gods would ever listen to me....Well, my prayers have been answered. Wait a sec, if I'm a atheist, how can my wishes ever come true?

ITEM! An 'operative' reported to me, that the subject of did I ever stalk actress Ashley Scott came up in a Delphiforum again.... Another thing that grew out of proportion after I mentioned that I saw her cozy up to two stagehands while she was on the set of Birds of Prey. I don't know about you, but my idea of Ashley as my fantasy girl went out the wet dream window when she turned up alongside the ROCK in the puke a thon that was called the remake of WALKING TALL have her go back to her natural blond. Ashley was HOT as a brunette- she's just so so as a blond. Besides she's just got engaged and she's resorted to starring on the sitcom Joey- the much anticipated sequel to that ten year blow job they called 'Friends'. Sitcoms.....yuck. They are such are a turn-off.

ITEM! Haven't been to the lot too much, other than to pick up my 50 percent off employee discounted DVDs. Constantine is probably in post production even as I speak- but I do know that Stage 16 was used recently for the 3rd remake pilot of Dark Shadows which just wrapped filming by director P.J. Hogan - who directed that horrendous 'hey kids, see the wires?' mess of Peter Pan last Christmas. John Woo's remake of The Robinsons: Lost In Space is currently finishing up on the Fox lot. So other than that, there's not a whole lot going on the lot because of summer hiatus and they're busy constructing the new sets for the new hits and tankers for fall.

BATMAN BEGINS is now filming in London and Chicago. So no one e-mail me about anything I know, because chances are I won't know what the fuck you're talking about. The script never passed through these doors and was not done by our script people unless it was done by the graveyard shift....and you know the those dead hard ons never talk.


Although the pictures of Christian Bale in costume, the sets, and the entire casting signifies a return to greatness that harkens back to the first two Burton movies.

ITEM! It was great to see Jane Krakowski last night stretch out her abilities and show everyone that she is just as good as portraying a down right scary bitch in last night's Law & Order: Special Victims Unit episode. A serial killer who goes around strangling poor defendless grannies? Too fucking much! Kudos to Jane! It's so freaking surreal to see her get this gigantic in the entertainment biz, when I used to see her all around Parsippany, N.J. just trying to be a normal gal. But from what my sister used to tell me, nobody in Parsippany High School would go near her because of her notoriety in the film and commerical business. Now she's a big Tony Award winner and she's ALWAYS being talked about in the MORRISTOWN DAILY RECORD - constantly shoving her stardom in all their shitty little kissers. Jane, if you ever happen to be googling yourself and are reading this: I'm sorry you lost out to Peter Valorsi to my sister and keep blasting away at your career, honey. You're Parsippany's finest. I, on the other hand will more than happyto be the number two puerile celebrity out of Parsippany.

And Linda Freeman, where the hell are you?

ITEM! Hmmm, what else is there to talk about...?

ITEM! Oh yeah, the Deposit Man Daily Log Report..... well, other than the postponement of the meeting between MAS and I to get the first fully inked pages of the upcoming book, I sat down last night and composed the credits page and - this would probably astonish Robocop and ex-Punisher writer Steven Grant - a synopsis of what actually went on in the Deposit Man & The Last Great Gate of Mortality Act One. I would love to see his reaction to that when I finally release the new one.


Well, My Yes remaster perspectives for one thing. I still want to reminisce about what I was doing in the day when I first heard them.