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Friday, July 09, 2004


Fatigue is settling in now. Work was extremely relentless this week upon getting back from Vegas. The Walmart assignment that was supposed to be a filler assignment for the summer months transmorgified into a ugly killer assignment when a rush was put on the job to get it done by 5:00 Friday. So once upon arrival- I had to immediately hit the sack early and get up at 5 AM for the past four days and do massive amounts of OT- not leaving the office until 7 or 7:30 PM. Once I get home tonight, I'm slapping my face on the sheets- let the world get blitzed on cocktails and transmit those STDs- all I need right now is my bed and my Spider-Man DVDs.

One highlight I forgot to mention about my trip happened just before I boarded the bus from Los Angeles was when I was walking back from the ATM machine at my bank- I happen to spot this carefree gentlemen on Figeroua who bore a striking resemblance to the GQ poster boy off Jethro Tull's Aqualung album was huddled in between two newspaper vending racks (probably inbetween the LA X-Press and Yank receptacles)with his pants around his ankles trying to take a massive dump just as the morning rush hour of commutters were scrambling to reach their time clocks. It was a amusing sight, I assure you and I wanted to share my jubilation with others, especially the MTA transit cops- who I stopped on the stairs heading back to the subway station.
And I even used fancy words like 'defecating' as in: 'look officer ,there's a man defecating on the sidewalk' and not as in ' look officer, there's a fucking derelict shitting on the sidewalk and people walking by look as if they're going to lose their breakfast'. So what do the officers do? Do they call on their radio for back up? No, not really. They say to me- 'hey, thanks for sharing, we'll get right on it' and walk the opposite way. Maybe he was on his way to get a pooper scooper from his squad car- I sure didn't wait around to find out.

Spider-man 2 was fucking awesome. It kinda galls me that reviewers are heralding this as the second coming because they didn't think such subject matter like real life problems dealing with coming of age or the saturation level of maturity could ever play across in a 'super-hero' movie - well I think it's about time that movie reviewers and the general public play catch up with regular comic book readers because these are the same themes and situations that my entire comic book reading life has been exposed to ever since I've been seven years old. But this movie served as a personal milestone for me- this is the first movie that my father and I had seen together. In fact, I got the expression from my dad that he loved this movie more than I did from the exuberant way he was describing it to friends and family on the phone and at the dinner table. I loved it, except for the constanting unmasking of Spider-Man in front of strangers. I think in the comics only three or four people know who Spider-Man really is- in the movies, everyone in New York gets to know who Spider-Man really is. And the ending was sort of a downer- it sort of went the Batman Returns Express route. Compare the two films together and see for yourself. Both heroes sort of become sympathetic towards their arch-villains (and both drown in the end, too.)that leads to a tramatic demise.

What concurrently occurred on Spidey 2 opening weekend in comic shops across the nation was the celebration of FREE COMIC BOOK DAY. My dad and I went to see what festive goodies were left after the movie got out at the Regal Cinemas at Green Valley Ranch and tried to sprint through traffic to reach the four color oasis of Alternative Reality Comics off of Maryland Parkway. I managed to scam 9 free books even though the limit was five per person.

How was I able pull this cloak and dagger stunt will have to wait until the weekend is over along with the list and mini-capsule reviews of my booty because I'm...





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