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When purple things are pulsating on your mind, I'm the one whose clock you want to clean. Aiding is Sparky, the Astral Plane Zen Pup Dog from his mountain stronghold on the Northernmost Island of the Happy Ninja Island chain, this blog will also act as a journal to my wacky antics at an entertainment company and the progress of my self published comic book, The Deposit Man which only appears when I damn well feel like it. Real Soon Now.

Friday, May 21, 2004


In prepping up for my next chapter in the Deposit Man & The Last Great Gate of Mortality saga - I had my old comrade in techical know-how-in-arms, Alan Sinder do some scans of all three of my covers. Hopefully this is will drum some interest in the books and my yahoogroups. Have not heard word on what's going on with San Diego. The convention is two months away from this date. I'm starting to shit a brick, here.

Anyway to those in blogworld: Here are all three of my covers!

Act 1 - Now being distributed through FM International,Inc

Act 2 - currently being dialogued and inked hopefully in time for the printer in mid-June.

Act 3 - Larry Nadolsky is probably starting to pencil this now even as we speak:

My e -mail list will be notified on Monday.

ITEM! Who actually knew that people are aware of this blog's existence? Apparently, there is a blog watch group that monitors who is posting who and where. AND my Blog is on the auction block! Like trading stocks! How fucking bizarre is that? I never stop to think that someone coulbe actually be reading this drivel? It's just something I do to waste time with. Maybe I should cut down on my tall tales of booze and broads. Or the Abdu Gahrib torture of kitty cats for that matter..

ITEM! This is the reason why I still listen to prog:

I mentioned a few days back that it came in my post office box fresh from the UK - I guess I jumped early on the bandwagon because I think I ordered it within a few days that it popped online...using my credit card reserved for such emergency impulse purchases (and this certainly counts as a emergency!) IQ has always been a English prog band with California sounding overtones. Very Beach Boys - Pet Sounds in some place and very old Genesis- Peter Gabriel in the other. On this new collection- I think they achieved the Supper's Ready of the new millennium in the 25 epic closer, Harvest of Souls- and hands down, so far, the best lyrical content of 2004 occurs in the track 'Born Brilliant'm> whereas. although unintended, is the best swipes at the Bush Administration (or maybe it's a double entre of how far Bush's dick is up Tony Blair's arse) ever put to music-

Singer Peter Nichols offers these head swirls for thoughts -

The soul of no discretion
Belligerent, won't think outside the box
I'm critical and careless
My open mind is shut and firmly locked

copyrighted 2004 by IQ

And of course the band's musicanship is superb, as usual, even though you really can't tell one album apart from another these days- the snappish thunks of Paul Cook's drums and cymbals (and I think he has the best miked cymbals of all drummers - they're like beestings!
Mike Holmes' effective sound effect tricks on guitar - award winning bass player Jon Jowitt (my Aussie's buddy's best friend while he working for Inside Out and Verglas records in England) and my fav- the Mexican jumping bean keyboard noodlings of Martin Orford that soar and crash like a pinata being smashed in with a thunderbolt. I am absolutely in love with Martin's boards and the old retro sounds he gets out of the modern synths that are out on the market these days. Listening to this album almost makes me regret dropping my rapid keyboard fixations of buying and playing old modular analog synthesizers.


Oliver and I will be meeting tomorrow for a massive computer dialog session- which means, we will actually be putting in WORD BALLOONS on the first half of the book.



Wednesday, May 19, 2004


Last night's THE SHIELD episode, Strays was probably the most gut wretching ending that I have ever seen on a episodic show. It also churned up some buried feelings that haven't been dormant in quite some time- things that I would never reveal on this blog about myself. It was certainly the most despicable dark side of human folly ever depicted in the core of one of it's central characters.

How can we not cower before the curiosity or to get in the mindset of knowing what it's like to...snuff out another life? Doesn't matter- if it is a bird, dog, or cat- or taking a magnifying glass and observe little ants fizzling up under a scalding summer sun.

The character of police detective Dutch has been on the trail of a serial killer who preys specifically on the elderly for pretty much a good portion of the 3rd season. Last week, he finally nabbed a suspect who turns out to be a halfway decent money making carpenter with a lovely suburban wife doing ok in a fairy tale existence that chugs along the normal middle income bracket.

However the guy has a knack for going around breaking into houses and like any other demented sick pup, waits around for those female septugenarian loose bowel booty shakers to rape and rob only to eventually wind up killing them. But not before he has share a little intimate cuddle with them.

It wasn't so much the acts that were disturbing - it was Dutch's interrogation with the suspect that got the kudos for most gross out bravery, at least conversation-wise. Dutch's interview with the suspect wound up out of control.
It was going all over the place and the reasons why the suspect was voluntary blurting out he commited the heinous acts was out of sheer curiosity - just to watch something die for the sheer pleasure of entertainment - much like the how Bush Administration behaves today. The suspect goes on to explain it all started when his father told him to take a stray puppy and drown it in a lake- the suspect then turns the table on the interview and asks Dutch -haven't you ever killed anything - just to see what it was like? After some deep rooted thought, Dutch then reluctantly confesses to stamping out a bird which he found on a sidewalk with a broken wing. The suspect says that looking into the puppy's eyes while drowning him was like...looking into the face of God itself.

This sends Dutch into a psychological tailspin - BREAKDOWN! After Dutch gets the suspect booked, you can tell that he is so unnerved by this revelation that he can't help himself in the middle of the night to lure a stray cat to a saucer of milk- earning it's trust further by picking it up, petting it and to then proceed to CHOKE THE FUCKING LIFE OUT OF IT! and drop it like carelessly like a loose sack of shit on the ground. And he stands motionless and still, with badly painted tattooed scratch marks all over his chest.

It really knocked me around for a loop- sort of woke up some pent up demon inside of me after watching that-

Well, for the sake of clarity, I miss my own cat NIKITA- I feel a little down that I couldn't bring her to where I currently live, so my former Deposit Man editor BECKY had to bring it from the Sherman Oaks house to her boyfriend's dad's house in Studio City which I was told was a swinging stray cat pad. I just heard from her that NIKITA ran off, apparently wasn't getting along with the other cats. So here's hoping that she found someplace to crash- she's a survivor and quite agile for her size and weight. She's made it this far, in her seven year lifetime kicking ass twice or three times her size- and there sometimes you had to pin her down with the iodine to the eyes and ears

Which is surprising to come from my inner most thoughts since I have a love/hate relationships with cats in general. Most cats are too tempermental, running so hot and cold that it sometimes drives me so fucking insane! There have been occasions althrough my life that my patience has worn thin on these unpredictable feline creatures- but yet until Nikita, there hasn't been another cat that I haven't felt a bond with.And...

More thoughts on this subject on another day...

Tonight the final episode of Angel and the season finale of Smallville (with SUPERGIRL?) are the only things that preoccupies my thoughts for the moment.


MAS and I met up. He got thirteen pages completely done. And he's handling the inking on the rest of the book except for....two pages which I'm have to ask Oliver to do. With MAS living in the house with his mom and his fiance popping in once in while and MAS doesn't feel that the content of the pages ( TITTIES!!!!) are appropiate to be seen by either of them. I guess I have to cave in to that rationale - I wouldn't want to see his ass out on the street.

I also got my new IQ album (one month before they hit the shops) in the post today. It's called DARK MATTER.

Jeez, the media junkpile up never seems to let up. DVDS! CDS!TV SEASON FINALES! COMIC BOOKS! SUMMER MOV- Oh, who the fuck am I to complain?



Monday, May 17, 2004


'We can't go around saying something that is inaccurate ' - Donny Rumsfield reacting to reports this weekend that Saran nerve gas was discovered and defused.... only they're not really sure it was Saran nerve gas in the first place

Funny - I just heard that they are at least 3 hours of unreleased Iraqi 'girls in Cellblock 13' videotapes and photographs that the general public hasn't seen, but are only being shown to your state senators and congresspeople - it's a limited engagement- just like your city's special selected movie theater that specializes in showcasing certain movies before they go into wide release at your local multiplex. Sixty Minutes is probably in line for the network broadcast premiere rights Or maybe they'll show up on bonus material on your favorite Blockbuster rented DVD. Who the fuck knows? Who the fuck cares? Just us civil minded liberals, I guess.

And they're not quite ready to leave the editing room not just yet.

A 'little sweeting' has to be applied in post production first.

Maybe the Oval office should call in for some pointers from Michael Moore on how to 'string film' together.


I'm meeting up with MAS at the Sherman Oaks Borders to swap assignments. He is supposedly going to have pages 4-15 completely inked and ready for word balloon commencement and he's willing to tackle the entire second half of the book and have it DONE by the 31st....ALL BY HIMSELF!

Oliver and I will be going over the entire script before the word balloons are applied electronically- I don't want any spare or embarrassing lines that are either made up on the spot or are not 'scripted' making their way onto the pages.

OH WAIT- SCRATCH THAT! It always pays to make a phone call while you're blattering away on your blog- MAS just cancelled and wants to meet tomorrow night instead..... as some family emergency just came up...