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Wednesday, November 08, 2006


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Why talk about the stupid California Super Lotto plus lottery? It sucks toad balls anyway.

It's been hot most of late in LA - particularly in the San Fernando Valley with the tempertures in the highs of the 90's and 100's- so that means lots of trips to Seven Elevens for Slurpee runs ( I'm quite partial to the Purple Scream and the new Superman Returns endorsed Mountain Dew Blue Kryptonite myself- which is nothing but a cheap knockoff of Icee Blue Raspberry) - one return from such trip netted me a scare on the richter scale of a " Almost Shit in my Swimming Trunks" ten plus.

Upon returning to my apartment, I put my key into the front door after casting aside the screen door. As I was inserting the key into the lock, I heard a light patter behind me- no, wait not just behind me- but above me.Looking up - fuck wouldn't you know it - there's a big fucking RAT perched on the top of my screen door staring down at me, licking it's chops at the blue meteorite glow of my Slurpee..

I fucking yelled bloody murder in the addition to the usual expletives - In a blind panic, I started kicking shit all over my upstairs balcony and threw flower pots at the damn little critter. It eventually leapt over my head and scampered off into a tree that conceals my balcony. .

I fucking hate rats. Even as rundown as this overpriced piece of shit condo I'm staying in - I had worse when I lived in that old movie star's house in Sherman Oaks next to where I'm working today at Paramount.. There was a time when El Nino came and went, and the deluge from that flood unearthed all the rats homes, along with other rapid infested critters such as racoons and possums - their shelters were upheaved as much as flotsam and jetison. Eventually they started looking at my old house, as well as much as the rest of the neighborhood on Woodcliff Drive as fancy chateaus. Had to get a cat to get rid of those vagrants. I could use a cat right about now- but both my roommates and the establishment management had put a cork into that idea.

Which is another thing I have in common with Lixi - in addition to our battle of keeping our pool in tip top condition unless some five year old happens to take a crap and piss in it, she's been having a helluva time with rats in her garage. They've taken occupancy in her garage and leave little round pellets as compensation before they vacate. However a few things like roach motels and rat traps make sure they're stay is as permanent as possible. Some days, I'll get a call from Lixi to clean up after some guests have refused to leave while they're still breathing.

This also has prompted Lixi to call in the Heath Departmet - much to the chagrin of our landlord. In fact, their visit last week pretty much pissed him off - he says we're making a big deal out of nothing- that they're nothing more than little tree mice...Well, all I got to say to that is Lixi has the pictures to prove otherwise- which she forgot to show the Health Inspector.

In a sense, it started out as Lixi's fight - but now I'm jumping on the bandwagon of bringing out the mouse dead since I've been paranoid of late due to last Friday's incident ( which prompted Lixi to call me on the cell wondering if something had happened to me - after hearing me freak out in the courtyard ), I think that straggler from the 'rat' pack, so to speak, kind of wandered in my room and used my bare back as a treadmill while I was sleeping. I thought at first that it could have been a dream, but now - I'm not quite so sure.

I wrote a little something on my regular blog; concerning the passing of that laughing madcap genius Syd Barrett. In addition to my amusing story of upon first hearing his death reported on the news , I posted some biographical info about him as well - but I was a little distressed that a lot of people who may be familiar with Pink Floyd or at least heard of Pink Floyd had never heard of Syd. I even quized friends and family. I caught Lixi in the courtyard and fished for info of how well did she know of Pink Floyd. I asked her, well could you name me all four members of Led Zeppelin? She could name all but one - which was John Paul Jones - which everyone seems to forget anyway. They always seem to forget the name of the keyboardist - which is probably natural in most cases. Could she name the members of Pink Floyd? Nope, (but hey, my roommate Bryan could name all the members but keyboardist, Richard Wright. See, what did I tell ya?) and she couldn't give a shit either. So I brought up the name Syd Barrett. Surprisingly, she had heard the name- but in no way did she connect him as the person who gave creation to the band and name. So I told her about Syd. Didn't really wow her that much- but it wasn't until later that I was in her apartment, that she just happened to have on the radio, Jim Ladd, a local DJ on the popular rock station out here on KLOS (and a personal friend of Roger Waters - having toured with him on the RADIO KAOS tour) gave a moving two hour eulogy / tribute to Syd that night. Lixi had never really heard many of Syd's Pink Floyd work played on the radio. Songs like 'Bike', 'See Emily Play' or 'Jughead Blues' gave Lixi pause to listen. She kept asking me, is this really Pink Floyd? They sound so different. I then proceeded to tell her about how many of the songs like 'Wish you Were Here, or Shine on You Crazy Diamond were songs written about Syd after he made himself into a recluse and couldn't mentally function with the band anymore.

So I spent half the night with Lixi, doing nothing more than talk about what's going on with our lives and what may the future could hold for us if we would just stop ego flaunting all the time. Lixi had to became a recluse herself last weekend, after she had some laser surgery performed on her face to erase some acne scars under her chin (like I was telling you a few weeks ago - it's this turning forty thing that's starting to play havoc with her emotions). She was under doctor's orders to stay completely out of the sun for the weekend - and after forking over a exorbitant amount of money that she really shouldn't have spent (which she is dead set on replenishing -even though she's trying to get out of the business of escorting) on one of the best cosmetic surgeons in the Beverly Hills area. She should be saving money to move - because the landlord of our building is alluding to other tenents that he's content on trying to evict her.

All this self imposed incarceration pretty much depressed her and of course, I'm always there for emotional rescue and support. I got to lay in her bed with her for the first time in six or seven months - but we spent the rest of the night doing nothing but talk - and then she got up and drove me to work - something she never did for me the first time around while I was employed at Warner Bros..

I was on cloud nine that morning at work until eleven thirty when Becky calls me with disturbing news.

But that's a story for another time....



. P.S. Sorry I had to miss Kino's LA debut performance last Saturday in Whittier- but their untimely arrival conflicts with saving money for the San Diego Comic Con which I'm not sure I'll be able to make this time for the first time in twenty years.

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Monday, November 06, 2006

Sparky says: When the BBC (and not the Guardian) asks “Can We Trust Our Voting Machines” - you've got to hope those evil GOP bastards haven't hobbled all of them.

“... Hacking fears

Voters going to the polls on Tuesday will encounter two main types of new technology.

Paperless touch-screen machines will be in place in 33 states. Elsewhere, voters will fill out a paper ballot which will then be read by an optical scanner and tallied automatically.

‘When in doubt, go paper, go low-tech’ - Maryland Governor Robert Ehrlich

Concerns have focused on the touch-screen machines, with local officials worried about both their accuracy and the lack of a paper trail to verify the votes cast.

Critics say they are vulnerable to computer failure and deliberate hacking, laying results open to claims of fraud; lawsuits have been filed in several states seeking to bar their use.

Maryland's Republican Governor Robert Ehrlich has become one of the most high-profile sceptics, after his state's primary vote in September was plagued by computer glitches.

Some polling stations opened late because workers had not been given cards needed to work the voting machines; in others, computers crashed or failed to register voters' party affiliation correctly.

The governor, who is himself up for re-election, said he had opted to cast his mid-term vote by absentee ballot through the post - and he has urged fellow voters in the state to do the same.

"When in doubt, go paper, go low-tech," he said. ...”

I remind you - VOTE THE BUMS OUT!