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Friday, April 15, 2005


looks like your average poor porn star -eh

All pinup guru chicks don't have to made up of sugar and spice with everything nice. Sometimes they can be composed of Splenda and a teaspoon of tabasco sauce. Take this bitch from off the bayou for instance:
like Sparky knows who the f - Brittany S is ...

Now that Britney has finally fessed up to being knocked up by her husband Kevin Federline, a husband of whom I wouldn't mind seeing his teeth knocked out - for allowing that ditzy blonde to pose for magazine covers with his daughter and now her step-daughter - the first of many tragic events of which I predict will set the little tike off on the deep end once she finds out later in life that it was fucking Britney who was the one who caused the break-up of her mother and father- and that dumb blonde sperm recepticle has got to gloat about it publicily like this?

The little tike is going to grow up one day and slit their throats in their sleep. You mark my words. Only step children know the true meaning of vengeance- I should know.

With a new abomination in her belly, Britney can now go out and cause wanton destruction with her own flesh & blood genes and not endanger the welfare of others who have not popped out of her gold weaved spun gine-gine.

I can imagine all the pedophiles who once salivated over the baby fresh cover of her first gold album, Baby One More Time, - a album that she made when she was only fifteen, must be now plunging themselves off of 39 story buildings in remorse that they can no longer be the father of her love-child.

But Britney doesn't have a shred of talent when compared to Debbie Gibson. Holy Hannah, look at this one has grown.

cocaine glow

At least she has class.

Hilary Duff here

But let's save this one before Britney telepathically commands her to spreads her legs and lustly wreaks havoc on a newlywed couple and their first-born child.

This nonsense of step families has to stop. AND IT HAS STOP NOW!!
~ Coat

should be the little goat book dude

Stop getting suckerpunched by these cretins. If deep down in the pit of your colon, you feel that there is tomfoolery is afoot by this mock administration that admits to no accountability for the all the infinite nefarious plots of frauds and follies that have been executed in their name - then WHY THE HELL ARE YOU HELPING IN FOOTING THE FUCKIN' BILL FOR IT? Yeah, yeah, I know, I know- I hear it all blasted day- you have to pay your dues to live in this glorious country. Dues? Dues for what? To hear a pack of lies day in and day out from the mouth of dummies? WMDs? Bah! Saddam Hussein? Didn't have anything to do with anything- and he's crotch rotting in prison for what? Gassing his Kurd buddies with canisters that are stamped 'made in butt fuck Chillocothe, Ohio- USA'. Now imagine- if we were to actually capture Osama Bin Laden alive and he were to open his mouth- what beans do you think he could actually spill about the Bin Laden ties to the Bush Crime Cartel and what part did they really play in the scheme of the thousands of lives lost in the World Trade Center and the Pentagon?

And we're the ones who've got to fork over the green beans for the hush, hush.

We shouldn't have to put up with this crappola year after year. Here's a portion of a good solution:

It's time to put an end to all this, and the only way I think it can be done is by removing the vehicle of political influence -- the tax code -- from the grip of the politicians. Abolish it and replace it with a system that will be much fairer, much easier and much less susceptible to political hanky-panky. I'd say that it's time for a fair tax system which eliminates tax returns -- and therefore tax attorneys, tax accountants and tax lobbyists -- and which rewards saving.The system in mind is relatively simple. Eliminate all federal taxes -- income, estate and corporate -- and replace them with a single sales tax of around 23 percent on every retail item sold. No deductions. No exemptions. No tax credits. No tax returns at all.

And another one here.

Now I was listening to Jerry Springer's new radio talk show a few days ago and he was making the argument of how a flat tax wouldn't be worth shit in this country is everyone were to contribute twenty percent of their annual salary - no matter how much you made. The fallacy behind this theory is that if you're in the lower class tax bracket- it doesn't matter how much you dole out- it's going to cut a big chunk out of your living expenses- and you won't be able to hold your head above the norm of the steady barge of everyday necessities of rent, utilities, andmedical or health insurance bills. And it isn't is some rich schmoe has 10 mil in his name- writing a money order out for 2 mil is going to add up to nothing more than a flea bite on his fanny.

What Jerry suggests (and his new show is a charismatic far cry from the debauchery displayed on his syndicated talk show which demonstrates day after day that white trash is a truly splendored thing) is that we all participate in a consumption tax program. A tax that on what we make- but on what we spend. In other words, the first twenty thousand or so that you make goes towards your living expenses tax free. If anything beyond twenty goes towards the purchase of a luxury throwaway item such as Mercedes Benz or Jaguar, better yet... buying out a baseball team in the state of Texas for instance ... then get set to throw another carnation on top of George Harrison's gravemarker - 'cause that's what you should being out pay out the ass for.

And I'm in total solid agreement with Jerry. He will forever be remembered for in Ohio is his ingenious plan to write a personal check to pay for a prostitute during his early days as a councilman in the '70s. Bet he was going for the Business Entertainment write-off.

Golly is Cary Angry?

Yeah, go practice a little bit more in the mirror, pal. You're getting the hang of it.

~ Coat

Sparky says: Ever wonder why Bush Junta II's Puppet Boy King is paying the equivalent of his Presidencial salary in taxes this year. It to cover up the 'dirty money' he's gotten over the years. In 1917, Prescott Sheldon Bush joined the influential Skull and Bones secret society at Yale. Skull and Bones was incorporated in 1856 by opium smugglers W.H. Russell and Daniel C. Gilman – not the last time Bush related Skull and Bones members would be involved in the global drug trade ... Could explain why young "41" -- not yet a grandfather -- would be called 'Poppy' - eh?

Wednesday, April 13, 2005


Yeah, the blog is going to be on hiatus for awhile- due to catching up on work and the filing of taxes. I'm in enough runny shit with the IRS as it is. There's really nothing else much on my mind other than contributing funds to an out dated organization that's no business being in existence in the first place, other than to bilk you out of someone's hard earned income and give you nada services in return. Just what I need- another Iraqi woman or child's death on my conscious- cause that's where the money all goes to: to cover the cost of some innocent person's bounty. Now if we were to say... spring for the capture of Osama Bin Laden, and vengeance for those who actually did attack us.. then I wouldn't be here whining.

Plus, I'll delve deeper into my piss poor performance at APE and the thriling adventure of making it out of the Spock's Beard SF gig alive starting either tomorrow or Friday- depending if I finish all the paperwork early.

Sparky was supposed to post the Purple Pinup Guru chick of the week last Friday- but I guess the big guy had something else better to do.

~ Coat

Add-on -- You want to upset people? Harsh dude ... K' listen up folks. IRS help from the friendlier side of the IRS is 1-800-829-1040. You can get an extension to file but never an extension to pay. Based on last year's income - if you owed then - figure you owe at least that much this year. To avoid fines for nonpayment - write a check for that much...
REMEMBER - the IRS has copies of your W-2s amd 1099s. So pay, delay, file and know you've 3 years to ammend your 1040s. Always request Publication 17 after Valentine's day. That's the information you need to GROK taxes. - Sparky