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Monday, December 24, 2007

Sparky reports we already did the crappy frozen yogurt craze and it died out - This news sucks —

L.A. TIMES' Steve Hyman: Franchises sucking the local flavor out of L.A.

Weiner Factory
Carlos Chavez / Los Angeles Times
HOT DOGS: The Wiener Factory has been at the same location in Sherman Oaks for 36 years.
As the city trends toward corporate coffee shops, ice cream parlors and sandwich joints, even the long-standing Wiener Factory in Sherman Oaks is getting the boot.
By Steve Hymon, Los Angeles Times Staff Writer
November 5, 2007
On the south side of Los Angeles, near USC, is a new student housing complex called the Tuscany. Never mind that it's about 8,000 miles from Tuscany.

Much of the ground floor is devoted to retail. The businesses are: the Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, Cold Stone Creamery, Quiznos, Robeks and Chipotle.

Throw in a Radio Shack, Victoria's Secret and two Starbucks, and you get the feeling that's what every single block in all of Los Angeles will look like one day: a bethonged populace stumbling from franchised burrito to lattes and back.

Turning our attention to the north, another example of the franchise-ization of Los Angeles is underway. The venerable Wiener Factory in Sherman Oaks has lost its lease. The single-outlet hot-dog stand that has been a fixture on Ventura Boulevard for the last 36 years is going to . . .

Be replaced by what?

Pinkberry, the chain purveyors of fancy frozen yogurt or, in the views of some, a yogurt-like substance.

The chain plans to lease the site but is still trying to persuade residents that the tiny parcel has enough parking.

In the meantime, a Valley institution is left with no home. The good news: Kevin Lentz, the Wiener Factory's owner, says that he's knee-deep in offers from fans of his restaurant to help relocate.

In an interview last week, we asked Lentz if he sees this as a parable for what's happening around the city.

"When I was growing up here in the '50s and '60s, L.A. had a reputation that the streets were paved with gold," he said. "It was a wonderful place to raise your kids, and there were mom and pops all over. They were family-run businesses. You would go in, and everyone knew you by your first name, and they took care of you.

"The business community nurtured the residents. Nowadays, with the franchises, it seems to be more cold. There doesn't seem to be that personal interaction," he added. "That's something we've always tried to do here. And if we go out and open other locations, that's not going to change."

Amen, brother.

Does the Wiener Factory have the best hot dogs ever?

Among hot-dog enthusiasts, that's a loaded question -- kind of like asking which religion is best.

In our humble view, the Factory serves a more-than-competent dog, thus the reason for the lines inside at the counter and outside at the takeout window.

Still, we've yet to have a hot dog here as good as Superdawg in Chicago.

For the record - I say Wiener Factory is the best. Better than Pink's any day. This review summed it up best!

Ryan L.

Sherman Oaks, CA

5 star rating

Best Hot Dog in Los Angeles hands down. People talk about Pink's like it is the second coming of the Hot Dog Christ, but The Weiner Factory makes Pink's look like Judas. Plus, you don't have to wait in tht stupid long line with the rest of the Angeleno lemmings. The buns are steamed to perfection and the weiners have the perfect amount of snap. If you love Chili Cheese dogs, this place will rock your socks. The dining room is small, but there are funny sayings all over the wall that are really amusing. The place is cash only, so hit the ATM berfore you show up.