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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Sparky Says This Sounds Right - Let Monkeyboy Liberate Scooter So That We Can Jail Rove, Cheney and The BUSH JUNTA II's Failed Puppet Boy King - W!!

And remember
FuneralGATE should be enough to sink the schmuck!

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Marty Kaplan: Pardon Me



I want Bush to pardon Libby.

I want every Republican candidate running for President and Congress to be forced to applaud Libby's pardon and to inscribe their names alongside Scooter's other distinguished defenders, from Rumsfeld to Bolton.

I want American history to possess forever a crystalline illustration of Cheney's whack-ball theory of the unitary executive exempt from the rule of law.

I want the persistent presidential nullification of the Constitution to be perpetually exemplified by an unambiguous act of unmistakable arrogance.

I want Scooter Libby's fate to be be ironically and irrevocably linked to Paris Hilton.

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In the late 1990s, SCI was involved in a scandal in which the remains of a number of people were desecrated in a cemetery that the company owned. The cemetery was found to have been "recycling" graves—removing the remains of previous burials and placing other people in the graves.

The scandal took on an extra political dimension. Company chairman Robert Waltrip was a friend of former U.S. President George H.W. Bush's family. He had made a number of campaign contributions to the Bush family over the years.

The scandal, often called "funeralgate," grew even further when Eliza May—a director with the Texas Funeral Service Commission—was fired while investigating SCI. She alleged in a lawsuit that she was fired because she refused to halt the investigation despite pressure from then Governor George W. Bush to halt the investigation into SCI's practices. However other members of the commission indicated that she was fired because others in the office had lost confidence in her, and that she was using her authority in an inappropriate manner.

May's lawyers tried to compel Bush to testify at the trial, but Texas Judge John K. Dietz threw out the subpoena that would have required Bush to give a deposition. Bush opponents claimed that this decision was politically motivated due to him campaigning at the time for the Republican Party's nomination for President. Bush supporters claimed that the judge was correct to throw out the subpoena—that the suit was a partisan attempt to damage his chances of receiving the party's nomination for president. May's lawsuit was settled in November 2001 for $210,000. SCI paid $55,000 and the state paid the balance.

Weeks later, the news media reported that two Florida cemeteries owned by SCI were recycling graves, removing remains from their places of rest and placing other people in the graves. 9,000 people have staked a claim to a $100,000,000 settlement in a lawsuit stemming from the desecration of graves at these cemeteries. In one instance at Menorah Gardens, a Jewish cemetery, SCI employees allegedly desecrated graves and left corpses in the woods where they were devoured by wild hogs.

The general manager of Menorah Gardens, Peter Hartman, died by apparent suicide on December 27, 2001.[1]

The Texas Funeral Service Commission reluctantly agreed to pay $50,000 as part of the settlement to end the two year-old case. [2] Its then-chairman, Harry Whittington, became famous in February 2006 when he was shot in the face by Vice President Dick Cheney in an infamous hunting accident. Cheney and Whittington were drunk after squiring their "mistresses" at the time of the shooting.


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