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Saturday, June 24, 2006

Sparky: Stuff for a Friday night

Dear Sparky:

Make Your Matched Contribution
for a Democratic Majority

To all the Republicans who sit in their air-conditioned offices and talk of the courage it takes for them to keep young kids in harm's way - I say enough. Karl Rove talking about "cutting and running" while he sits on his big, fat backside-saying "stay the course." I say enough! That's not a plan! We've got to have a new direction, and it's clear we need more Democrats in Congress to get that done.

No matter how obvious the mistakes in Iraq become, or how many Americans get fed up, Republicans in Congress and the White House will label you a traitor to your country if you stand up and question them.

I'm not naïve enough to think it won't be an issue in the election year but accusing people of being unpatriotic cheats good Americans out of any chance for a real resolution to the mess in Iraq. And while this issue of war is neither a Democratic nor a Republican one, the need for new leadership in the House is clearly an issue.

While the Republicans have been busy name calling, the situation in Iraq has only gotten worse. The insurgency has grown exponentially. IED attacks, where our troops are sitting ducks for an enemy they can't even see, have increased steadily. And the patience of the American people for this flawed policy is running out.

We need to put an end to these outrageous attacks on people who disagree with Bush and his Rubber Stamp Republican Congress's "sit and watch" plan for Iraq. My colleagues in the House Democratic leadership are so committed to winning a Democratic majority that they have offered to match all contributions that come in from before midnight on June 30th.

With a Democratic majority, we would have an honest debate about the war. The American people's concerns and opposition would be recognized.

Double Your Impact Now With a Matched Gift and Help Win a Democratic Majority.

Last week, during the House floor debate, I hoped the Republicans would have realized that the majority of the American people do not support this war. I hoped that they would have recognized that the American people need more from their government than a Republican Congress that asks no questions and demands no answers. But that didn't happen, and it's clear we need a Democratic majority to chart a new course.

When I offered a concrete plan to get our troops out of harm's way, where they have become the target, I didn't expect every member of Congress or every candidate to agree with my specific proposal in this debate. But I did expect them to acknowledge that there is more to be done than sitting and watching.

Double Your Impact Now With a Matched Gift and Help Win a Democratic Majority.

The single most important thing you can do right now as a supporter of the DCCC is make a contribution.

Thank you for all your help, it's so important.


Jack Murtha
Member of Congress, Pennsylvania's 12th District

P.S. I hope you will join me in my fight. Our candidates have to be able to fight back against the Rove Machine's traitor talk in order to start getting Congress to move towards finding real solutions. We need a Democratic majority to change the direction in Iraq. Contribute before midnight on June 30th and your contribution will be matched, doubling your impact towards winning a Democratic majority.



Contribute Contribute

Sealand wrecked by fire

June 23, 2006
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The fire wrecked the left-hand tower.

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Icon of loudspeaker
This audio file was created from the text revision dated 2006-06-23, and does not reflect subsequent text edits to this report. (audio help)

The Principality of Sealand is currently being checked, after a fire caused havoc to the ex-World War II tower. Fire fighters from the Thames coastguard poured water onto the structure, and rescued a security guard who has been taken to Ipswich hospital. It is believed that the fire was started by a fault in a generator.
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Sealand, formerly Rough Towers, is a self declared principality comprising of an old army fort. It was built to deter, and report back on, any German attempts to lay mines using aircraft in the channel of the Thames. The offshore company HavenCo currently uses it to hold servers for the computer industry.

The Principality of Sealand is a micronation that claims as its territory the artificial island of Roughs Tower, a former Maunsell Sea Fort located in the North Sea 10 km (six miles) off the coast of Suffolk, England, at 51°53?40?N, 1°28?57?E, as well as territorial waters in a twelve-nautical-mile radius. Sealand is occupied by family members and associates of Paddy Roy Bates, who styles himself as H.R.H. Prince Roy of Sealand. The population of the facility rarely exceeds five, and its inhabitable area is 550 .

Although Sealand's claims to sovereignty and legitimacy are not recognized by any country, it is probably the world's best-known micronation, and is sometimes cited in debates as an interesting case study of how various principles of international law can be applied to a territorial dispute.

Legal status

Map of Sealand and the United Kingdom, with territorial water claims of
3nm and 12nm shown (note the 12 mile limit was introduced in 1987 - not 1968).

Sealand's claim that it is an independent state is founded on the following two propositions:

  1. When Paddy Roy Bates and his associates occupied Roughs Tower in 1967 it was located in international waters, outside the jurisdiction of the United Kingdom and all other sovereign states. Sealand claims de jure legitimacy on this basis.
  2. The interactions of the UK government with Sealand constitute de facto recognition. Sealand claims de facto legitimacy on this basis.

In international law, the two most common schools of thought for the creation of statehood are the constitutive and declaratory theories of state creation. The constitutive theory was the standard nineteenth century model of statehood, and the declaratory theory was developed in the twentieth century to address shortcomings of the constitutive theory. In the constitutive theory, a state exists exclusively via recognition by other states. The theory splits on whether this recognition requires "diplomatic recognition" or merely "recognition of existence". It is clear that no other state grants Sealand diplomatic recognition, but it has been argued by Bates that negotiations carried out by Germany constituted "recognition of existence". In the declaratory theory of statehood, an entity becomes a state as soon as it meets the minimal criteria for statehood. Recognition by other states is purely "declaratory".

One set of criteria for statehood under international law is defined by the Montevideo Convention. This asserts that a defined territory, permanent population, government and the capacity to enter into relationships with other sovereign states are the only foundation requirements for a sovereign state. None of these requirements necessarily has to conform to a certain size or standard, but their general characteristics should be taken into account.

A similar set of criteria for statehood is found in the European Community Opinions of the Badinter Arbitration Committee. The committee found that a state was defined by having a territory, a population, and a political authority. The committee also found that the existence and disappearance of states was a question of fact, while the recognition by other states was purely declaratory.

Since the 1968 UK court decision, the United Kingdom has extended its territorial sea to twelve nautical miles (22 km), which it had the legal right to do under international law since 1958 (although the necessary Act of Parliament was not passed until 1987). These and subsequent laws have dealt with the construction and legal position of artificial islands. However, as Roughs Tower is actually a sunken ship, some have claimed it is not covered by these rulings. Sealand declared that it, too, was extending its claim of territorial waters to twelve nautical miles at a similar time to the UK.

According to the 1982 United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea, there is no transitional law and no possibility to consent to the existence of a construction which was previously approved or built by a neighbouring state. This means that artificial islands may no longer be constructed and then claimed as sovereign states, or as state territories, for the purposes of extension of an exclusive economic zone or of territorial waters. However, since Roughs Tower is not an artificial island but a sunken ship, it would be necessary for Her Majesty's Crown Estate (which owns the land itself under the tower) to act as the complainant landlord in order to get the wreck removed from its property. If Sealand is a sunken ship rather than an artificial island then no claim to statehood can be made, as a ship cannot constitute the "permanent" territory required for statehood to be established.

The only prospect for successful assertion of sovereignty would be to show that there was de facto sovereignty prior to 1968.

Although the UK has publicly asserted its authority over Roughs Tower,[2] it appears to be government policy to refrain from comment or action except when forced. British Government documents, now available to the public under the 30-year expiry of confidentiality, show that the UK drafted plans to take the tower by force, but such plans were not implemented by the then Prime Minister due to the potential for loss of life, and the creation of a legal and public relations disaster.

In 1978 a German court ruled that Sealand was not a valid nation: "A man-made artificial platform, such as the so-called Duchy of Sealand, cannot be called either 'a part of the earth's surface' or 'land territory' and only structures which make use of a specific piece of the earth's surface can be recognised as State territory within the meaning of international law." (In re Duchy of Sealand (1978) 80 ILR 683, 685 (Administrative Court of Cologne))

In 1990 a US Administrative Court also ruled that Sealand was not a valid sovereign nation, following evidence from James Murphy of the Department of Trade and Industry. On appeal in 1991 the decision that the state called Sealand does not exist, and has not ever existed was upheld by a US Federal Court.

The Times on December 6, 2005, claimed that the British government and courts finally admitted that Sealand "is outside British national territory [...] and not part of the United Kingdom", however The Times did not elaborate and there has been no confirmation by other sources. [3]


Ask yourself why Rove isn't in prison - Sparks

Friday, June 23, 2006


Today, we unbuckle our straps and unsheath our tunics for
Kate Beckinsale. When Len Wiseman isn't looking, of course.

We here at the Purple Pinup Guru Platform were originally going to profile Kate back when her sequel for Underworld, Underworld: Evolution opened up in January - but as we all know, the PP Guru was unemployably challenged back then - but now we're going to make up for lost ass , even though she's going to be the featured female lead in what looks to be the most lamest summer movie opening up this week called Click starring Adam Sandler.

Well, o.k. - so it did have a halfway decent opening. A forty million dollar opening, the PP Guru is relucent to admit . But still, it's a goddamn lame ass premise for a movie that would better be served in the media if it was produced for cable-tv.

Kate, however doesn't have a lame looking ass.

Kate has a spectacular looking ass. In fact, when everytime, the PP Guru sits down to watch Kate in either Underworld movie, the PP Guru has got to does Kate Beckingsale ever get to have the most perfect looking ass in all of Hollywood?

How does she do it? And how does Len Wiseman get lucky enough to approach it?

The PP Guru's inquiring mind wants to know.

Is it because ... she's British? When Kate wields that mighty accent of hers from London, stains instantly appears on the inside flap of the PP Guru's robes and not even running clorax bleach on them isn't enough to make them disappear.

No - the PP Guru doesn't think so.

Is it because she invokes nostalgia into men's over zealous viagra addled minds of a classic starlet walking out of a fog of a long forgotten era when Garbo and Gardner reigned supreme as easily demonstrated when she co-starred in the Aviator opposite Leonardo DiCrappio's interpretation of Howard Hughes?

Might work for those over sixty.

The real reason why Kate Beckinsale has the best looking ass in the because she saved Pearl Harbor from total extinction ... and even made Ben Affleck look like an ass in the process. You can't spank that out of submission.

Since then she's taken on more serious roles in mature fare such as Laurel Canyon and Serendipity while even serving as the cardboard paper doll sweetheart to the geek and nerd sector that idolized the monster mash of 2004's Van Helsing.

However, starring in a film with Adam Sandler about a stupid remote control that can go back and forth through just what it is. Taking a step backward.

Kate needs better scripts to read. And to find a new agent that can get her some decent roles with integrity.

Like more goddamn sequels to Underworld. The PP Guru can just picture in his mind, unsheathing his peyote fangs and plunging them deep into Kate's delicious and nutrious vitamin fortifyed bottom.

And just sucking the good flavor out if it. That is, ... when Len Wiseman isn't looking . As related to in a fever induced coma to: ~ Coat

(goddamn - it just keeps getting worse and worse)

Keep it zipped ... Here's the topless pic your Guru thought would make the blog NSFW ... And learn to use elipses. And Len is out of the picture ya big ninny!

Kate Beckinsale

Kate Beckinsale (born July 26, 1973 in London, United Kingdom) is an English actress.

Beckinsale in Underworld: Evolution


Early life

Beckinsale was born in London to Judy Loe, a stage and television actress, and the late Richard Beckinsale, a well-known television actor who died in 1979 at the age of 31.

Beckinsale won first prizes in several young writing competitions. After completing school in London, she followed in the footsteps of her parents and began her acting career. Her first role was in One Against the Wind, a television film about World War II that was first aired in 1991. Beckinsale studied French and Russian literature at New College, Oxford University, though she did not finish her degree. She thought that having an academic background studying foreign language and literature would broaden her range of acting roles.

Film career

During her first year at Oxford, Beckinsale was offered a part in Kenneth Branagh's big-screen film, Much Ado About Nothing, adapted from the Shakespeare play. She spent her last year of studies in Paris, after which she decided to quit the university and concentrate on her acting career. She subsequently appeared in a few notable but low-profile films, including Cold Comfort Farm (in 1995), Shooting Fish and The Last Days of Disco (both in 1998). During this time, Beckinsale also appeared in television films and in stage roles.

Her first major American film, Brokedown Palace (1999), was not a commercial success. Soon after, Beckinsale was cast in the 2001 film Pearl Harbor, which was one of the highest grossing films of its year. In the years following, she appeared in a series of American films that were high-profile, but were given a somewhat poor critical reception, including Serendipity (2001), Underworld (2003) and Van Helsing (2004). Notably, she appeared as Ava Gardner in The Aviator, a role for which she gained 20 pounds.

In 2006, Beckinsale was placed at #78 in FHM magazine's "100 Sexiest Women in the World", after being #71 in 2005. She has also been placed at #16 in Maxim magazine's "HOT 100" (2003), #63 in Stuff Magazine's "100 Sexiest Women in the World" (2002) [1], and was chosen by Hello magazine as "England’s #1 Beauty", also in 2002.

In January 2006, Beckinsale reprised her role as a vampire who shares a forbidden love for a lycan in the movie Underworld: Evolution, a sequel to her 2003 film, Underworld, again directed by her husband, Len Wiseman. The film opened at the #1 spot at the box office, grossing over $26 million in its first weekend of release [2].

On January 24, 2006, Beckinsale was featured on the MTV series, Punk'd. The set-up for the segment took place at the Avalon Hotel in Los Angeles. This will be her third appearance and first outside from the Underworld series with her ex-boyfriend Michael Sheen.

Personal life

Beckinsale dated Welsh actor Michael Sheen for a long period of time, and the two have a daughter, Lily Mo Sheen (born 31 January 1999). Sheen co-starred with Beckinsale in Underworld, and had a flashback appearance in its sequel. In June 2003, a few months after she had separated from Sheen, Beckinsale became engaged to the director of Underworld, Len Wiseman, and the two were wed on 9 May 2004 in Bel-Air, California. Kate is currently in the midst of a divorce with Wiseman.

Beckinsale has a paternal half-sister, Samantha who is also an actress.


Her father's maternal grandfather was Burmese, and Beckinsale claims that she was "very Asian-looking" as a child [3].

Interestingly, she has stated that she hates wearing knickers [4].

She is a big fan of Jim Norton of the Opie and Anthony radio show and Lucky Louie on HBO. The two became friendly during the filming of an appearance on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

Selected filmography

Year Title Role Other notes
2006 Snow Angels Annie Marchand post-production
2006 Click Donna Newman
2006 Underworld: Evolution Selene
2004 The Aviator Ava Gardner
2004 Van Helsing Anna Valerious
2003 Underworld Selene
2003 Tiptoes Carol
2003 Laurel Canyon Alex
2001 Serendipity Sara Thomas
2001 Pearl Harbor Nurse Lt. Evelyn Johnson
2001 The Golden Bowl Maggie Verver
1999 Brokedown Palace Darlene Davis
1998 The Last Days of Disco Charlotte Pingress
1998 Shooting Fish Georgie
1995 Cold Comfort Farm Flora Poste
1994 Uncovered Julia
1993 Much Ado About Nothing Hero


External links

 Wikiquote has a collection of quotations related to: Kate Beckinsale

Tuesday, June 20, 2006



Talk about kryptonite hi tech overkill. Today, Warner Bros. releases several Superman related DVDs and DVD box sets to herald the return of the Man of Steel to the silver screen.
They foretell that 2006 is supposed to be the year of the Superman.


The PP Guru didn't see that listed on his Chinese calendar.

Where's a good credit report or a mortgage loan when you really need one?

The timing couldn't have been more impeccable. The PP Guru unfortunely has to bleed a chilling amount of Gurublood money from a stone to get bills paid this week- so he has to wait until Friday's paycheck to even consider a smattering of what's being offered.

Just to get wishful thinking pleasantries out of the way- these four will have to sit on the sideline pile:
because without the WB employee discount - these prices are just too much up, up, and away at the moment for the PP Guru's velcro tunic wallet to even consider at the moment.

Please note that all package sets come with a $10.50 coupon redeemable for the price of admission to see Superman Returns. Wait, doesn't Warner Bros want to make money on this picture? For those not in the know, the trade so far, both Hollywood Reporter and Variety gave the new movie a very stellar review. And clocking in at 2 and a half hours- it fucking ought to be. The PP Guru loves comic book movies on a epic scale. It should be the fucking Lawrence of Arabia of all comic book movies.

Alright- we're here about DVD's, so let's stop guru farting around.

Lois and Clark: ($49.99 suggested retail) The New Adventures of Superman The Complete 3rd Season has some ok episodes IPPGRC- he thought the most amusing episode of the season was with Scott Valentine taking on the role of Metallo. Apparently fans like this season the best because Lois played by the ever delicious and highly lickable Teri Hatcher finds out that Clark Kent(Dean Cain ) is Superman and they get married just like they did in the comics. All twenty -two episodes, plus documentaries and a trivia challenge moderated by none other than Cain himself should make the die-hards happy. Oh, and don't forget to look for Cain in Superman's Reign of Superman black costume that was once all the rage in the mid-nineties.

The PP Guru can't say much that this series hold some sentimental value to him other than that he used to recognize a lot of the studio sets and landmarks from his former employment there.

The Adventures of Superman Seasons Three and Four ($39.98 Suggested Retail) is only monumental for the fact that the series was starting to air in color - not that anyone really had a color tv back in the fifties mind you- much like today when no one can really afford HD TV plasma screens. And they say that current network shows are supposed to be formatted that way?

But here they all are. They don't do too much for the PP Guru - he watched them when he was a little PP Guru tyke - but the villains are so fucking bland and boring, much like George Reeves was himself. He's a superman with a fucking pouch for cripesakes - which probably gave inspiration to all the William Shatners the world wide over. The PP Guru wouldn't want to be rescued from a dynamite exploding mine-shaft by some beer guzing sucidial womanizing schivozo.

The PP Guru liked the radio show the best. Special features include documentaries on the show's use of color and commentary with Jack " Jimmy Olson" Larson, but a sneak peek of Superman Returns.

The most interesting of the batch that the PP Guru is going to put on the backburner is Superboy, the Complete First Season ($39.98 suggested retail), even though he's only seen a handful of episodes back in the late eighties and early ninties- it's more rememberable for the simple fact that Stacy Haiduk was a better looking piece of ass than Teri Hatcher in her role of Lana Lang - even way better than that skinny little waif Kristin Kruek chick does on Smallville.

Sorry, that was so rude of the PP Guru. You think that after enduring a long relationship with an ex-porn star, that the PP Guru would have some sensitivity training or at least some better appreciation of women's anatomy.

Moving right along.

Somehow Warner Bros got back the rights from the Salkinds to release this one time syndicated series. The series had it's moments that it was the first Superman related series to feature some of Superman's rogues gallery like Bizarro, Brainiac, and Mr. Mxyzptlk in some episodes and some episodes were written by Denny O'Neil, Mike Carlin and Andy Hefler - from the actual DC staff. Stan Berkowitz went on to write some good episodes of Justice League and Superman: Animated Series. John Newton Howard wanted a pay hike and he was told to go up up and o'vey and jump into a murky lake of mediocrity. Special features include commentary by John Newton Howard and if screen tests are your thing - then Howard provides his audition tape for how he won the role for all his fellow die-hard fans.

Now on to the stuff that The PP Guru intends to get ASAP.

Although, it already aired on the Cartoon Network this past weekend, (with very little fanfare) the first all new Superman original animated movie, Brainiac Attacks ($19.98 suggested retail) hits the shelves today. The PP Guru got to watch half of it and didn't think that it was as bad as reviewers said it was on Tim Daly and Dana Delany both reprise their voices of Clark Kent and Lois Lane from the original 1996 series as well as some regulars. However there's no Clancy Brown doing Lex Luthor - it actually sounds like Sherman Howard - the Lex Luthor of Superboy tv series had finally won the part.( According to producer Bruce Timm on a Batman Beyond commentary - the role of Derek Powers on that series was given to Howard because he had originally auditioned for the role of Luthor on the Superman series and was passed over by Brown.) and Lance Henriksen does the voice of Brainiac. Some annoying girl have taken over the role of Mercy from Lisa Edelstein Lots of slam bang robot machine exploding action and the PP Guru liked what he saw and decided to see the second half on DVD - sans the goddamn commerical interruptions (c'mon, you all know how much the PP Guru is a DC Animation DVD completist! - he's going to buy it regardless!!).

Justice League Season 2. ($ 44.98 - suggested list price) Now to be the ultimate guruette - you have to be a big TREMENDOUS fan of the Justice League animated series - otherwise go choke your chicken on the AIN'T IT COOL NEWS website (the PP Guru isn't hyperlinking that cyberstream of garbage- are you kidding the PP Guru?) where they bitch about every little thing like; where the fuck is the anamorphic widescreen? In the second season of this fabulous series, Timm, Dini, McDuffie, Tucker and co. pull out all the stops in giving us one of the most slam-banging and character driven super-hero sagas ever to grace the glass teat. Other than one of the best shit-kicking fist slaming duke out between Superman and Darkseid ever depicted on the opener, Twilight , The hard ass core villains from old Justice League of America lore reign here: Dr. Destiny, Eclipso, The Royal Flush Gang, and the Secret Society! This historical season also encapsulates the first ever bi-racial screen kiss that took place between the John Stewart Green Lantern and Hawkgirl. Commentary on three episodes, plus a profile behind the vocal performers conducted by Phil (Green Lantern) LaMarr round the perfect animation dvd set ( and the PP Guru is still not even finished with the first season yet.)

And finally, the crucial events that lead up to the pivotal battles that take place between Superman and Darkseid (before coming to a anti-climatic clash on the Twilight episode on JL - the last and final bout took place on the Justice League Unlimited series finale ) are chronicled here on the third and last DVD volume set of Superman: The Animated Series ($26.98 suggested list retail) volume 3. These episodes produced at the tail end of the nineties were the first to experiment with the roster of other main hard hitting DC characters such as the Kyle Rayner Green Lantern, Aquaman (voiced by Miguel Ferrer) and the Legion of Super Heroes. These were the percusor or the diagrams that led to the creation of the Justice League show. There are also two episodes that guest star Batman and Robin.

More Saturday cartoon hi-jinks in hog heaven for the PP Guru and he can't wait to jump in the slop.

Other Superman related products available this week is a all new collection of unreleased Superman radio episodes from 1948 put out by Radiospirits which retails for $39.98.

Faster than seeing through your panties with X-Ray vision with party specs provided by:



Monday, June 19, 2006

Sparky: Guru as Glam Hound

Some of photos taken at the Spock's Beard gig. Since the PP Guru is not physically available for
photo shoots (after all, he is only a fictional character much in the same vein as Jesus Christ or
Carlos Castenada is) he had his evil doppelganger, Cary Coatney sub in. Since Cary Coatney stalks the PP Guru on a almost daily basis wherever he goes (worse than the PP Guru's own shadow- but he has more stimulating conversations with his shadow- go figure) - we here at the Platform thought he might be useful for something. So here in photo one we have Coatney posing rather devilishly with Christine Holtz, who made the trek all the way from Chicago to see the San Fernando Valley sons of symphonic prog. Christine is the creator and founder of progressive rock fandom newsletter and magazine, Music News Network (e-mail Christine to be signed up on her mailing list ) which she has been doing for over 13 years. The PP Guru first hooked up with her and her magazine way back in 1993 when he attended a Steve Hackett (ex-guitarist with Genesis) concert in Ventura, Ca. Before the days of the internet, Christine was the only source to get the goods on the PP Guru's favorite bands with her spellbinding and informative interviews. IPPGRC, (that's for: If the PP Guru remembers correctly) Christine turned forty that day. Everyone's turning goddamn forty these days - even *ahem* film star neighbor turned forty a few weeks ago. Everyone on earth is doomed to turn forty. It's fucking inevitable.


Photo two: Coatney is paired with John Payne, former lead singer and bassist for Asia.
You all know who he is. Coincidentally, tickets for Asia, without John Payne, went on sale last
Friday for the tour featuring all the original members, including John's former collaborator, Geoff Downes. The PP Guru is contemplating (his navel) the Las Vegas HOB gig in September rather than the local one that's going to take place at some cheap piss stinking dive in Calabasas, Ca. John was taking a break from mixing his GPS album (an album that was originally supposed to the new Asia studio album, Architect of Time) to check out the Spock Beard's gig.


Mainly because the synthesizer sumo wrestler of rock, Ryo Okumoto of Spock's Beard is the replacement keyboardist in the band. C'mon guruettes, we went over this a few weeks ago.
Check our archives for details and profiles of these two remarkable musicians.


And just show that Cary Coatney can't shoot a photo to save his misbegotten life-



The Guru hasn't figured out how to do fancy stuff on the internet ...

So he can edit around this pictures if he wants ...

- Sparks
SPARKY: Homework done - Bobby Jr. is going to go after Top Traitor Rove!

“... I've been meeting with attorneys... to devise a litigation strategy. And I would say that very soon we'll be announcing lawsuits against some of the individuals and companies involved. ...”
Interview: Robert F. Kennedy Jr.: This month, Rolling Stone ran an investigative feature Was the 2004 Election Stolen? claiming that Republicans used a systematic combination of voter disenfranchisement and fraud, centered in Ohio, to rob John Kerry of a win in the 2004 presidential election.
“…The mastermind behind the efforts in Ohio was Kenneth Blackwell, along with…[Toledo elections official] Bernadette Noe. But on a national level, it's [Republican National Committee chairman] Kenneth Mehlman and Karl Rove. ...”

“... There's another election soon. And as the Times [just] reported, the same people are up to the same shenanigans.”

The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.
These partisan politicians use Gay Marriage to distract people from their many crimes against America. They'll lie, cheat and steal; And when pressed they'll wrap themselves in the flag and whine “I did it for the children” ...

It's old news to us at the PPG but here, remember this?

Greg Palast is a New York Times-bestselling author and a journalist for the British Broadcasting Corporation as well as the British newspaper The Observer. His work frequently focuses on corporate malfeasance but has also been known to work with labor unions and consumer advocacy groups. Notably, he has accused Florida Governor Jeb Bush, Florida Secretary of State Katherine Harris, and Florida Elections Unit Chief Clay Roberts, along with the ChoicePoint corporation, of election fraud during the US Presidential Election of 2000 and again in 2004 when, he argued, the problems and machinations from 2000 continued and that challenger John Kerry actually would have won if not for disproportional "spoilage" of Democratic votes. [1]

Palast discovered that ChoicePoint has a bias in favor of the Republican Party and knowingly used inaccurate data during the 2000 Election. Tactics include listing voters as felons for alleged crimes said to have been committed several years in the future. In addition, people who had been convicted of a felony in a different state and had their rights restored by said state, were not allowed to vote despite the restoration of their rights. Furthermore, it is now known, that often people were listed as felons based on a coincidence of names, despite other data (such as date of birth) which showed that the criminal record did not apply to the voter in question. The scrub lists were approximately 90% wrong.

One should note Schlenther v. Florida Department of State (June 1998) which ruled that Florida could not prevent a man convicted of a felony in Connecticut, where he had not lost his voting rights, from voting. However, Florida continued to insist that felons who had been granted their full rights must first receive clemency from Governor Bush, a process which could take up to 2 years and ultimately was left to the discretion of Bush. NAACP filed suit arguing that Florida was in violation of the Voting Rights Act of 1964 and the US Constitution, while others argued that Florida was in violation of the National Voter Registration Act of 1993.

Palast has also unearthed evidence that he claims shows Ohio and New Mexico were really won by John Kerry in 2004, citing the results of exit polls, the second time in two Presidential elections he has uncovered evidence of a stolen election. Palast argues that as everywhere else in the world exit polls are used to judge the honesty of elections, the same should be be true in the USA.

Associated Press: SAMUEL MAULL: N.Y. Judge Issues Warrant for Boy George

NEW YORK (AP) - A clearly annoyed Manhattan judge issued an arrest warrant Friday for Boy George after the former Culture Club singer failed to appear in court to explain why he wants to change his sentence for falsely reporting a burglary.

Judge Anthony Ferrara also ridiculed the singer's suggestions for serving community service, which included a proposal to hold a fashion-and-makeup workshop. But he said he would not order an arrest until a June 26 hearing on whether Boy George violated the terms of his sentence.

The singer, whose real name is George O'Dowd, pleaded guilty in March to false reporting of a burglary at his Manhattan apartment, where police found cocaine.

Under his plea deal, O'Dowd was to enter a drug-treatment program in England and do five days of community service in Manhattan. He was also fined $1,000.

But the judge angrily complained that O'Dowd had not paid the fine and had never reported to the office that assigns community service work.

"I put people in jail who don't pay fines," the judge told O'Dowd's lawyer, Louis Freeman. "Why shouldn't I do that?"

Freeman said he had told O'Dowd, who was in England, that he did not have to appear Friday but that he should be ready to fly to New York on a moment's notice. He said the singer would be present for his next court date.

Assistant District Attorney Craig Ortner called O'Dowd's absence "audacious" and told the judge he opposed any modification of the sentence.

"The defendant got a good deal. He got a fair deal," Ortner said.
O'Dowd's drug woes reportedly led to the collapse of Culture Club, which scored the hit 1980s singles "Karma Chameleon" and "Do You Really Want to Hurt Me?"

The judge ridiculed Freeman's community service proposals, which included helping teenagers make a public-service announcement, holding a fashion-and-makeup workshop, and serving as D.J. at an HIV/AIDS benefit.

His lawyer said O'Dowd hoped to do something more worthwhile than sweeping streets and sidewalks.

"There's nothing wrong with that if that's part of his punishment, but it will turn into a media circus, and the press will be following him every day," Freeman said.

The judge said he understood the objection to street cleaning: "It's humiliation." However, he said, O'Dowd "got out from under a felony, and he took a (misdemeanor) deal that had an element of humiliation. And he doesn't serve himself well by not paying the fine. We know he has the means."

Author claims Al Qaeda planned to gas New York's subway system

June 18, 2006

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An empty New York subway car

A new book claims that Al-Qaeda made plans to gas the New York subway system in 2003. According to extracts due to be published in next week's Time magazine, the author of The One Percent Doctrine, Ron Suskind, asserts that Al-Qaeda's number 2 cancelled the attack 45 days before it was due.

Suskinds book states "U.S. intelligence learned of the plot from a laptop computer belonging to a Bahraini jihadist captured in Saudi Arabia in early 2003."

The book continues, "The computer contained plans for an easily constructed and concealed device that releases deadly hydrogen-cyanide gas using a remote trigger."

The CIA built a prototype of those designs shown on the computer and then showed it to the United States President, George W. Bush. The President then ordered an alert to all levels of the US government.

Al-Qaeda had planned to put them in the subway cars and other strategic places.

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