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Friday, March 25, 2005

Face It, Just Another Reason To Turn Florida Into A National Reserve Park Of Some Kind ...
GOD hates Florida too

Sparky's take:
Panem et circenses”AKA "Bread and circus plays" — Juvenal, Satires 10, 81, describing all that was needed for the emperors to placate the Roman mob, and today used to describe any public entertainment used to distract public attention from more important matters.
Yellow Bastard Bounder

Even the U.S. Commision on Civil Rights can demonstrate Florida Governor Jeb Bush, Florida Secretary of State Katherine Harris, and Florida Elections Unit Chief Clay Roberts, along with the ChoicePoint corporation are guilty of election fraud during the US Presidential Election of 2000 as Greg Palast and other have asserted. We saw Jeb and his machine finess their disfranchisement of Democratic voters in the local 2002 elections. And again in 2004 where Palast argued that the problems and machinations from 2000 continued, and that challenger Kerry actually would have won if not for disproportional "spoilage" of Democratic votes. No one seems amazed how ABC's July 2004 Discover Science Magazine correctly predicted how the Diebold vote tabulation machines in Ohio would be compromised. Anyway, it's all "bread and circuses" below. To put the hate on Michael Schiavo seems misplaced. And Sparky isn't as kind as Jack Shafer when it comes to Republicans. After all in 1991, Newsweek, and other major national newspapers vetted actress Selene Walters claim of S.A.G. President and Mafia flunky Ronald Reagan forcing her to have sex with him in 1951.

George Felos & Michael Schiavo
George Felos & Michael Schiavo

Schiavo promised to his wife before her collapse 15 years ago not to let her live by artificial means. The Schiavo Timeline of all events and court rulings clearly shows this to be a consistent thread. Does Michael Schiavo have some lawsuit money coming creating a conflict of interest? The St. Petersburg Times indicates that's not the story. Some say George Felos will be the man who finally overturns the law that protects the handicapped, the elderly, and the terminally ill’s opportunity to live until they die – by natural means - because he's obsessed with death.

Even if he changed his mind, Michael Schiavo would be powerless to stop the removal of his wife's feeding tube on March 18, Felos said. A court has ruled Terri Schiavo would not want to live by artificial means, and her husband can't reverse the court order, Felos said. So I advise folks to forget the lady in Florida who is the current poster child for the wrongheaded Religious Right and focus on the War in Iraq. Those are truly tragic deaths that can be stopped. After all, you're supposed to be destracted by Terri. I wonder who'll replace her when she gets to die as she wanted to? Aspire to be the next "Vegetable Laureate?"

While Terri stole the spotlight unintentionally: A large earthquake measuring a magnitude of 7 on the Japanese scale struck northern Kyushu at around 10:53 a.m. on the morning of the 21st, killing one and injuring 451. The epicenter of the quake was in the Tsushima Strait at a depth of nine kilometers on what may have been a previously unknown fault line. Northern Kyushu has not suffered an earthquake of that intensity since 1700, when there was an earthquake near Ikki Island and Tsushima. Oh and Microsoft tried to patent the Internet again. And more scary is the news that the Deadly Marburg virus in Angola is spreading to capital: “Health officials in Angola say that the death toll in Uige is 112 but the actual toll could be higher. Officials fear that in rural areas, many may have died without even making a trip to the hospital. ”

- Sparky o&o

My new blueprint proof has just arrived and I'm pleased to say, with the exception of a little fudge up on page 3 and a slight alteration on the front cover- it's good to go.

And so, the waiting game begins.




It certainly seems that Disney's new Ice Princess movie is melting away at the box office- maybe Michelle Tractenberg isn't that ready for the big time as she thinks she is. The movie last weekend only earned a paltry 6.8 mil at the box office. But that's ok, Michelle- you're still global warming my heart and you're always welcome to do a figure 8 on my face any day.

I just wanted a excuse to say that. I just didn't have time to get to it last week, that's all.



Thursday, March 24, 2005


Apropos again to what I said earlier on the progress of the book. Despite these inconsistencies - I have been assured by Brenner Printing that I will recieve the new product in time for next month's APE show. I believe the books will be delivered to my work place on the morning of April 4th. I will be examining the new 'improved' blueline proof first thing tomorrow morning.

Yes, the power to believe

I forgot to mention, with all my travails of last Friday- I would say it was worth sacrificing in missing the inane Wizard World convention that was held in Long Beach.


Terri and the Pirates
Terri Schiavo

Get up you freakin' retard! GET UP OFF YOUR LAZY GODDAMN ASS AND FIGHT! Don't go all Million Dollar Baby on us. Can't you see that your goddamn freakin' husband is trying to murder you? Are going to let that philandering piece of shit spouse of yours get away with that?

Let's backtrack a little bit: First, he fired all your fucking physical therapists and told 'em to go take a flying fucking leap through a donut hole, cause they wanted you to do some calisthenics to get you in better shape for the Miss Mental Case of America pageant. Then he took your goddamn television set probably during an old Friends or Malcolm in the Middle rerun and smashed it to tiny bits, shut the curtains so you couldn't have any light in the room - in fact you probably haven't been outside to breathe fresh air for the PAST THREE YEARS. He's been quoted by two nurses who were interviewed on FOXNews about when is the bitch going to die, right within earshot of you and claimed that he was going to be a rich man as soon as you shift off this mortal coil- even after he has been winning every frivolous lawsuits against the hospitals you've been in and out of. You were the meal ticket- but it looks like that Cheating Mike has to go on with his life and YOU DON'T FIT IN THE PLANS, BABY!

And you are taking this laying down while he takes off to Fairy Tale pastures with his new Playboy Centerfold fuck buddy and her little beggers. Your parents are certainly not helping much. Georgie Girl W is clueless, he's finally come to the realization that he just can't go marching in like the little dictator that he thinks he is, contrary to popular belief what the red states say and just whisk you away out of that urine stinking soaked bed and hand you off to be breast fed by Tom DeLay and the rest of his Christian Coalition cronies like as if he were King Richard the Lionheart.

Nope, honey, the Supreme Court of this nation don't want nada to do with your constant lysol wiped up shit- so it's time to take matters into your own hands sweetheart and go all ape-shit vigilante on the system that bitches and whines about your welfare and makes you into nothing but a poster child for the neo-con sancity of life while poor twenty-year old schmucks fight in the name of Exxon over in the Middle-East.

I need to introduce you to this cat:

His name is the Leader and he's been out of circulation for a while, just like you. You'll find that you both have a lot in common: both your brains have been liquidified toast for some time.

I bet if you bang both your collective elongated heads together, you might come up with a plan to get that feeding tube shoved back down your neck soon enough. And then both of you can collaborate and plot and scheme to make conquest of the world that is according to the Conservative agenda.

Because it's fucking ludicrous.

And after you've copulated the Congress with both of your mutant combined prowess- you can then go and find your buddy Mike and his surrogate family and RIP HIS FUCKING BALLS OUT THROUGH HIS THROAT!!

I know you can do it. But you've got to help to help yourself- because the more illegal aliens that we deport out of this country - the less your bedpan is going to be spic and spaned. You've just got to believe in yourself. Because it's all in the mind- just simply use your telepathic powers like Jean Grey does and GET THINGS ACCOMPLISHED.


~ Coat

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

-Guest Blogger Sparky

The Archives
Ever listen to us older farts whine misty eyed about the coolness factor of the original THUNDER Agents? One reason it worked in 1968 it that it is real easy to impress 10 year boys with heroes and dinosaurs. The other reason is how much Wally Wood was on his game then. The last reason was one that seems hard to swallow for the panties and cape crowd but is real simple: No superheroes existed in that 'more real comic book universe!' I'm not afraid of the oxymoron in the previous sentence.
Companion to the archives

These heroes were hoaxing the public. And sometimes the gimicks failed. That hit home. No one wants to admit it but that's why it worked and remains golden in our memories. I can't talk to the other points I wanted to until I'm sure my talking won't screw up anything that could bring about a renaissance. This May - we'll see T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents Companion come available with some of the best faux-Steranko art ever. Paul Gulacy should be the go-to guy for art on a new THUNDER agents series. TPTB argued differently. I've a good idea as to who should be writing the new books as well - but unfortunately I don't get to choose. If I did - I'd also use John Heebnik to do all the Dynamo stories.

If the rebirth get off the ground relies on writers and artists born after Wally Wood died. I have doubts here. I want this to be a big success. The whole thing hinges on getting through to the 10 year old inside of you.

Example 1 Example 2

If you are too adult for the comics of your youth - there's GLOBAL FREQUENCY: PLANET ABLAZE and GLOBAL FREQUENCY: DETONATION RADIO about folks not waiting for the Super Friends to save the day. Warren Ellis has been on top of his game for a while now. If you buy his graphic novels - you are in for a fun read.

Images are copyrighted by their owners. THUNDER Agents © John Carbonaro.
DepositMan is owned by Cary Coatney.

Here's something I'd like to sell Cary on:

The above is a mockup - but the story would involve the myths
some cherish ...

- Sparky -o&o-