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Saturday, September 09, 2006

Not Porn Related - Sparky loves his comics when made into cartoons right — the jury is still out on some. So the Guru mentions the Fantastic Four to Sparky in passing. The Venture Bros.' own Impossibles are more interesting still ... A family of four Impossible Industries members have received horrific, inefficient versions of the Fantastic Four's powers.

Professor Richard Impossible (voiced by Stephen Colbert): Founder of Impossible Industries, a major government contractor, and former professor to Dr. Venture, Mr. White, and Billy Quizboy. He holds science and the pursuit of knowledge in a much higher regard than he does his wife or other people; at times this has manifested as homicidal ruthlessness though most of the time, he's simply out of touch. Impossible and his cohorts are a parody of the Fantastic Four: an experiment with cosmic radiation gave them each strange abilities. Richard can stretch his body like rubber, similar to Mister Fantastic. The other members of his family have useless parodies of the other members' powers. His wife Sally (voiced by Mia Barron) has invisible skin (which is somewhat less useful than the abilities of the Invisible Woman) and she requires all her concentration to keep her skin visible. Sally developed, and still maintains, a crush on Dr. Venture, who was repelled when he discovered her condition. Richard has implied that she has been repeatedly unfaithful and that her newborn son Rocket might be fathered by someone else. Sally is currently dating Johnas Venture Jr. and resides on Spider Skull Island with the rest of the Impossibles, sans Richard. Sally's brother Cody (voiced by Christopher McCulloch) bursts into flames when exposed to oxygen. Unlike the Human Torch, he cannot control this very painful reaction, so he is kept in an air-tight container. As a result, he is usually in a state of unconsciousness. Their mentally handicapped cousin Ned (voiced by Christopher McCulloch) has a pale orange, lumpy appearance. He is stronger than ordinary people, but not nearly as strong or impervious to harm as The Thing. He has been described as a "giant callus".

The team launched the revival of Marvel Comics in the early 1960s, giving it a pivotal place in the history of American comic books. The Fantastic Four have remained more or less popular since, and have been adapted into other media, including four animated television series, an aborted 1990s low-budget film, and a major-studio motion picture, Fantastic Four (2005).

The comic-book series, which famously added the hyperbolic tagline "The World's Greatest Comic Magazine!" above the title starting with issue #4 (issue # 3 declared itself "The Greatest Comic Magazine in the World!"), dropped the "The" from the cover logo with #16, becoming simply Fantastic Four. Jack Kirby and Stan Lee's flagship heroes used to rock my world as a kid especially on TV - where actual storylines were used without worry us young-uns would light ourselves on fire. Here we go -

Fantastic Four (1967 TV series):

Fantastic Four
Genre Animation/Action-adventure
Running time 22 mins (per episode)
Creator(s) Stan Lee & Jack Kirby (characters)
Starring Gerald Mohr
Jo Ann Pflug
Jack Flounders
Paul Frees
Country of origin United States
Original channel ABC
Original run September 9, 1967September 28, 1968
No. of episodes 20

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Fantastic Four is an animated series produced by Hanna-Barbera Productions, based on Marvel's comic book series Fantastic Four. The program, featuring character designs by Alex Toth, aired on ABC from 1967 to 1969. It lasted for 20 episodes, and was rerun as part of the continuing series Hanna-Barbera's World of Super Adventure

Voice Cast

Episode list

  1. Klaws
  2. Menace Of The Mole Men
  3. Diablo
  4. The Red Ghost
  5. Invasion Of The Super-Skrulls
  6. Three Predictions Of Dr. Doom
  7. The Way It All Began
  8. Behold A Distant Star
  9. Prisoners Of Planet X
  10. The Mysterious Molecule Man
  11. Danger In The Depths
  12. Demon Of The Deep
  13. Return Of The Mole Man
  14. It Started On Yancy Street
  15. Galactus
  16. The Micro World Of Dr. Doom
  17. Blastaar
  18. The Terrible Tribunal
  19. Rama-Tut
  20. The Deadly Director

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Then weaker lesser versions came and we saw the intense suckage:

Fantastic Four (1978 TV series)

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H.E.R.B.I.E. the robot

Fantastic Four is an animated series produced by DePatie-Freleng Enterprises (who would ironically become known as Marvel Productions, Ltd. in 1980) in the mid-1970s. It is based on Marvel's comic book series Fantastic Four. It is infamous for starting a long-running urban legend that persists in comic book and animation fandom to the present day. The 1970s Fantastic Four series replaced the character of the Human Torch with a "cute" (and "annoying", to many Four fans) robot named H.E.R.B.I.E. A long-lasting rumor, which was even reiterated by Marvel themselves in at least two issues of their 1980s fan magazine Marvel Age, stated that this change was made by the TV network (NBC) because they supposedly did not want young viewers to imitate the Human Torch by setting themselves on fire. However, this rumor was false; the true reason for the change was because of merchandising strategies. (A movie featuring the Human Torch was in the early stages of production at the time, though it was never completed.)

Voice Cast

Opening narration

"It was the world's strangest accident. While testing a new rocket ship, our heroes were bombarded by mysterious cosmic rays from outer space. Though they crash-landed safely, the strange and powerful rays had changed each one of them. Transforming their leader, Reed Richards, into the plastic-skinned Mr. Fantastic; Sue Richards into the "now you see her, now you don't" Invisible Girl; and Ben Grimm into a mighty-muscled powerhouse called The Thing. Now together with H.E.R.B.I.E. the robot, the newest member of the group, they have become the greatest team of superheroes the world has ever known. The NEW Fantastic Four!"

Episode list

  1. A Monster Among Us
  2. The Menace Of Magneto
  3. The Phantom Of Film City
  4. Medusa And The Inhumans
  5. The Diamond Of Doom
  6. The Mole Man
  7. The Olympics Of Space
  8. The Fantastic Four Meet Doctor Doom
  9. The Frightful Four
  10. Calamity On The Campus
  11. The Impossible Man
  12. The Final Victory Of Doctor Doom
  13. Blastaar, the Living Bomb Burst

Then came more suckage:

Fantastic Four (1994 TV series)

Fantastic Four
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The cover for the DVD release.
Genre animated television series
Running time 22 minutes
Creator(s) Jack Kirby
Stan Lee
Starring Beau Weaver
Lori Alan
Quinton Flynn
Chuck McCann
Stan Lee
Brian Austin Green
Simon Templeman
Country of origin United States
Original channel Syndication
Original run September 24, 1994February 24, 1996
No. of episodes 26
IMDb profile summary

Fantastic Four is an animated series based on Marvel's comic book series Fantastic Four.

In the mid-1990s, Marvel Productions syndicated a new Fantastic Four animated series as part of The Marvel Action Hour. The first half of the hour was an episode of Iron Man; the second half an episode of Fantastic Four (many episodes of which were direct recreations of episodes from the original 1960s series). During the first season, Stan Lee was featured speaking before each show about characters in the following episode and what had inspired him to create them. Both the Fantastic Four and Iron Man were radically retooled for the second seasons, sporting new opening sequences, improved animation, and more mature writing, though noticeably having fewer introductions by Stan Lee, with several of the new shorter intros being used more than once. The Marvel Action Hour lasted two seasons before being cancelled.

Following the release of the 2005 live-action film, The Walt Disney Company released the entirety of the series on Region 1 DVD, now featuring new introductions by Stan Lee for all 26 episodes, replacing the original introductions which were removed for network broadcast. Additionally, snippets of footage from the episodes themselves were later removed for network broadcast, and it is these edited episodes that comprise the DVD set. Region 2 recieved only a DVD comprising of the first four episodes.

Voice Cast

Episode list

Season One

  1. The Origin of the Fantastic Four - Part 1 (guest starring the Puppet Master)
  2. The Origin of the Fantastic Four - Part 2 (guest starring the Puppet Master)
  3. Now Comes the Sub-Mariner (guest starring Namor)
  4. Incursion of the Skrulls
  5. The Silver Surfer & the Coming of Galactus - Pt. 1 (guest starring the Silver Surfer and Galactus)
  6. The Silver Surfer & The Coming of Galactus - Pt. 2 (guest starring the Silver Sufer and Galactus)
  7. Super Skrull
  8. The Mask of Doom - Pt. 1 (guest starring Dr. Doom)
  9. The Mask of Doom - Pt. 2 (guest starring Dr. Doom)
  10. The Mask of Doom - Pt. 3 (guest starring Dr. Doom)
  11. Mole Man (guest starring the Mole Man)
  12. Behold the Negative Zone
  13. The Silver Surfer & the Return of Galactus (guest starring the Silver Surfer, Galactus and Dr. Doom)

Season Two

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A scene from "And a Blind Man Shall Lead Them".
  1. And a Blind Man Shall Lead Them (guest starring Daredevil)
  2. Inhumans Saga Pt. 1: And the Wind Cries Medusa
  3. Inhumans Saga Pt. 2: The Inhumans Among Us
  4. Inhumans Saga Pt. 3: Beware the Hidden Land
  5. Worlds Within Worlds
  6. To Battle the Living Planet (guest starring Thor)
  7. Prey of the Black Panther
  8. When Calls Galactus (guest starring Ghost Rider and Thor and Galactus)
  9. Nightmare in Green (guest starring the Incredible Hulk)
  10. Behold, s Distant Star
  11. Hopelessly Impossible
  12. The Sentry Sinister
  13. Doomsday (guest starring the Silver Surfer and Dr. Doom)

DVD releases

A four disk DVD featuring all 26 (edited) episodes, including episode introductions by Stan Lee, was released on July 5, 2005 by Buena Vista Home Entertainment in Region 1[1].

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The below remain an unknown:

Fantastic Four (2006 TV series)

Fantastic Four
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Genre Action
Camera setup Animation
Running time
Starring Hiro Kanagawa
Lara Gilchrist
Christopher Jacot
Brian Dobson
Country of origin United States
Original channel Cartoon Network
Original run September 2, 2006–present
No. of episodes 1/6
IMDb profile summary

Fantastic Four is a new animated television series premiering on Cartoon Network in Fall 2006 based off of Marvel Comics hit series. The series combines two-dimensional art and three-dimensional computer animation produced by the France-based animation company Moonscoop. The show premiered on September 2, 2006 as part of Toonami.

Some aspects of Fantastic Four's visual art style seem to be influenced by anime.


Guest stars

The first episode was:
The four are on their way to a charity fundraiser. However, after destroying a strange robotic sentry, Johhny is soon teleported to a stadium with similiarities to a Roman Arena. Johnny is put on trial by the Kree and Ronan the Accuser acts as judge. Johnny quickly picks Reed as his respresentation. Later, Sue and The Thing are teleported as well, to act as character witnesses. Ronan reveals that the trial is motivated by Johnny's rash destruction of several robotic Kree sentries, or more accurately, every one to ever cross his path. Reed tries his best, but Johnny is sentenced to death. The team stand by him and whilst Ronan and two robotic lions act as executioners. However, when one of the robotic lions nearly attacks the statium's Kree audience, specifically a Kree child, Johnny fights to stop it. Afterwards, the Kree audience change their minds and cheer Johnny's name, much to Ronan's displeasure. The Supreme Intelligence then appears and agrees to a stay of execution, saying that the Fantastic Four may be useful against the Skrull. Back on earth, Johnny apologizes to the team and thanks them for saving his life.

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