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When purple things are pulsating on your mind, I'm the one whose clock you want to clean. Aiding is Sparky, the Astral Plane Zen Pup Dog from his mountain stronghold on the Northernmost Island of the Happy Ninja Island chain, this blog will also act as a journal to my wacky antics at an entertainment company and the progress of my self published comic book, The Deposit Man which only appears when I damn well feel like it. Real Soon Now.

Thursday, July 03, 2003


July 4th weekend and I'll be leaving work early at 3 . I don't really have anything special planned because I'm trying to avoid needlessly throwing away money on things I don't know need. Between my credit cards and my bank account- I'm trying to raise around two grand, for the rapidly approaching Comic Con International being held down in San Diego- but I'll probably settle on fifteen hundred. I'll be taking up a small portion of someone's booth- although it was achieved getting through my resale number on my seller's permit. I hope these people who work for Mother Grim Productions don't expect me to eat their sales tax just because I'm paying them a measley three hundred bucks to display there. I thought I had a chance in getting a new product out even though I have a new book in the can- but getting a book completed is only half the battle- I'm still looking for a painter and have to settle with whoever that is a reasonable justifible amount to do the labor. There is someone on my staff who is not enthusiastic about getting this book out on a timely manner as I orginally thought- sort of has a ephemeral approach toward certain odds and ends that I need done now- let me empatheize- Right now as I need them in time when the convention hits.

I tried to back away from displaying, but the person behind Mother Grim Productions would have been left in the lurch and I would lose this time around when it comes to oral agreements (plus my resale license would be at stake).

So basically, tonight I'm going to watch some tv, specially the screeners that I mentioned before. I was happy to score a portion of the Sci-Fi Channel mini series- Taken , of which I checked out the first five minutes of- and man, let me tell you, I think it is one the most awesome spectacles ever to hit the small screen- and this is just the first five minutes!! It's like a sci-fi version of Saving Private Ryan or Band of Brothers . I tell you, cable people are so fucking lucky.

My love knows no bounds for Farscape and the third season I've been buying up on disc is certainly the pinnacle of the series ( I've heard that the fourth season was when things just start falling apart) I've been hearing so much about. So on Friday night while everyone is toasting wennies to their fireworks, I'll be huddled inside watching shitloads of Farscape. I can see the fireworks from my bedroom window in Sherman Oaks.

I shall be doing a lot of finishing up on some writing projects. My overdue Deposit Man sixth issue script for my artist Larry. along with reference photos is going to be sent when I get down to San Diego- and the reason why I'm doing that is I have to enclose money everytime I send him a package and I need whatever is available in my wallet for the convention. Its takes about a week to ten days for a personal check to be cashed in Canada.
I'll prep up the package on the trainride down. Fucking something to do.

I've been wasting away two months taking photographs and gathering data on outdoor marketing campaigns pertaining to comic book related movies - specifically how it applies towards billboards and bus shelters. It's nearly done, the photographs have been snapped and developed (but I'm desparately seeking a outdoor billboard of LXG : short for
League of Extraordinary Gentlemen ). Trying to get my foot back home in the Comics Buyer's Guide- my old stomping grounds. Well, I'll see how they react when I tell them my proposal for the article. They're usually easy to impress.

I've been sitting at home some weekends ploting a Batman story dealing with child kidnapping issues. I think I'll be finishing that up tomorrow morning on my day off. I left off on a scene involving the Riddler getting interrogated and I'm on a mission to come up with doozies of conundrums for all the good little girls and boys who's been a little more in touch with their uncle Eddie.

And last but not least, my dream writing project would be one featuring the Atom investigating a series of mishaps in the porn industry. The story would be entitled "Help Me Find My Keys and We'll Drive Out ". Of course no one with a ten foot pole at DC would touch that- (perhaps another Bizarro Comics collection is in order?) but it's nice to dream once in a while.

Back online July 7th.

Fuck my fifteen minutes,



Wednesday, July 02, 2003


One of the great perks about working for a movie company - is free screenings of movies before they come out, well, at least a day before they come out. Last weekend I was screened the first two episodes of the sixth season of Sex And the City, a series I had never seen before- now that I've been exposed (not to a STD, you silly), I want to grab each season set there is on DVD.

Now that I've seen T 3 - and seen how utterly fucking magnificant it was- it making me all nostalgic for all the first two on DVD! It was enjoyable for the first screen minute to well past the credits- I haven't been held in cringing suspense in so long since- well, maybe 28 Day Later. Great fucking chases, great knock 'em down fights (one battle even takes place in a men's bathroom and both termintor go at each other with urinals - sort of reminded me of Radiohead's last song on the new album- Wolf at the Door- Dance you little fucker/ and don't you dare give me that urinal in the face/urinal in the face However, the ending was just a tad of a swipe from Beneath the Planet of the Apes, if you ask me.

July 4th weekend - trying to take it easy- I will be finish scripting those two difficult final pages of my sixth Deposit Man book- planning on having my own private Farscape mini marathon amongst other things- I have to keep it cheap. Crucial time saving up for San Diego.



Tuesday, July 01, 2003


Tonight, I'm going to a employee screening of Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines so I'm going have to cut this short.

But here's an update on my San Diego convention plans concerning the display of the Deposit Man -

I'm not going to have a new book out in time for the San Diego Con- that much is abundantly clear- but somehow my new color and book design guy, Oliver Simonsen was under the impression that a new book would be coming out- so he put the words comicon on the postcard that he colored, of which I will passing out at the convention. I don't have the heart to tell him to change it a fifth time- ' cause he did such a stupendous job of coloring it.

I will be located at booth # 1947 at the convention. Found this out from Erica Grant- the one posing as Mother Grimm of whom I sharing a booth with - who just had to call and wake me up at 8 AM on a Saturday(the only morning I get to sleep past 6 AM ) to tell me that. So basically- I'm all set for San Diego except for the printing of the postcards. So there you have it , the current update on my convention plans.



Monday, June 30, 2003


I wish I could get shit done in one post. Last Friday, I got distracted by a thread on the SK8TE JESUS forum-

But leaving a blog mark on about my terrible weekend two weekends ago- let's see if I can finish up this story.

Let's see, paid 14 bucks- check. Had be ushered to my seat- check. Then I was placed right next to a 400 pound red haired hippo who should have paid for two seat- because her ass was so wide that she nearly took half of mine- check.

Yeah, I know, I know, you don't have to remind me! With the dreadful and deadly 4-0 approaching, I shouldn't be one talking about looks-. I still got the trademark dirty blond locks- but I've been noticing a rapid strand of erosion happening of late. I've got a gut beginning to show, even though I only weigh a measly 165-170 lbs- my chin is getting more flabby and looks as if some turkey gobbler thing is beginning to manifest- just like the one that I saw George Lucas sporting on a Star Wars DVD.

Fuck, I was rambling again.

So you all should have seen me- I had to resort to huddling in the corner of my seat because I was so petrified of getting the sperm whale cooties. I distinctively remember witnessing her shovling huge handfuls of over saturated buttery popcorn down her fat gullet out of her endless extra large carton. And when she spoke to her friends, her arms would fly out in emotional waves of expression that practically made me duck under the seat and then kernels would go flying out of her mouth like miniature scud missiles. One nearly poked my eye out. And oh, those series of throttles emiting from her throat once mistaken for slurping sounds- how long would I be able to endure such physical and mental torture? Well, not for long- because as soon as the tripthephane (?) settled in (probably from inhaling that sun dried tomato turkey sausage baguette)- she fell in a immediate fat ass slumber. Then it was the snoring THROUGH KEY PARTS OF THE MOVIE (HULK tank battle) that set me off. I just muttered something along the lines of 'why didn't you doofuses simply wait at home for the video if you were going to ruin it for others?' before setting off for some better seating in the front.- after having to ask permission from the usher to move my seat.

I wish I had time to say what I thought about the movie. It was a mixed bag out what I managed to enjoy of it. But- I have to move on to other things. Maybe another Stepfather story will set me to ease-

Fifteen minutes, damn what a joke. It goes by too fast.