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Thursday, October 07, 2004


To continue on with my rant on raging the network viewing war. In the last entry, I was trying to devise a way of setting tv viewing time aside so I could get more writing done, but yet be apprised of all that going on. A couple of methods I latched on were to tape all my favorite cop or sci-fi genre shows and set aside either Saturday or Sunday morning or afternoon to view the tapes. I'm grateful that most of the shows that I have been following have been either canceled or just a simple lack of interest.

Gone are a lot of sci-fi shows such as Mutant X or Starhunter or whatever syndicated nonsense is going around these days. Beastmaster - bleech! All is left after the summer nuclear hiatus fallout is Andromeda and Enterprise. The cop show genre is slowly fading out- like I mentioned before, one of the finest cop shows ever developed by man, NYPD Blue is taking a curtain bow after this January after 12 years. It will be sorely missed.

Fall time is a busy time of the year for writing. It's the time where I get the heavy artillery for what I plan for the next coming year. Since early September I put the finishing touches on the concluding chapter of the latest Deposit Man's mini-series, The Deposit Man and the Last Great Gate of Mortality. I've also wrote up the solicitation for the Diamond Previews catalog, a few concert reviews of Yes and Marillion, some plot submission packets for other companies, and as of last night, I was reworking a whole entire script that serves as the first chapter of next year's Deposit Man: Playgod mini-series. All Tuesday evening was spent just changing a character's name from Matthew to Micheli. He's a sort of a screenwriter wannabe with a uncanny resemblance to Al Pacino in Scarface mode who wrecks heavenly chaos in the afterlife both physically and mentally and it's up to the Deposit Man to evict him out, with much resistance to the higher ups of course. The name change had to do that Matthew sounds to close to my brother's name and plus- it wasn't really a good Italian sounding name.

Other elements that forced me to make big changes is the fact that this was orignally supposed to be the third book in the series instead of what I wrote in the Deposit Man Survival Guide to the Afterlife. This story sort of got rejected by both qoute unqoute 'editor' Scott Goodell and my ex-roommate and grade school teacher editor Rebecca Robbins (now known as Rebecca Stell) due to questionable content. So original bits and pieces that were taken from this story that still made it in the book that was published have to be changed. The Nuking of Heaven still remained because I needed it to set up the opening of Last Great Gate, so I have to craft an entire new ending from scratch and come up with a snazzy cliffhanger to segue into the next issue after that (which will guest star erotic master of literature, Henry Miller teamed up with French flap girl goddess Josephine Baker) - but I can't do all this magical stuff if the boob tube is distracting me.

So video taping and DVD watching is the answer.

But the drawback to this method is that I'm sooooo attracted to DVD boxsets that it's like guzzling a six pack of Diet Coke with dry drunk George W.

And I'm having a hard time getting back on the wagon that I fell off of.

I'm totally serious- so serious, that in fact, I had applied for a Disney credit card to help me in time of helping out with San Diego Comic Con finanical aid, and now that card is used nothing specifically to use to purchase DVD and CDs with. the card when I originally first got it had a $2000.00 credit line. Now even with a few couple of hundred dollar payments, I'm down to $500.00 and something.

I can only contribute this over indulgence is that I'm finally getting to see things that I've been longing to see- stuff that either I have to pay on cable to get. One example of this is Farscape. If it hadn't been for ADV putting out Farscape on DVD- I don't think the format would hold anything for me. So collecting the entire series on disc was a adventure in itself. Constantly waiting for the release dates to be announced and not venturing past certain postings on messageboards so I wouldn't have any specific point plots spoiled. After coming back from San Diego, ADV Films finally released the last volume and now with the entire series at my fingertips, I'm re-watching every episode from start to finish as a sort of a syndicated strip- without commerical interruption! The episodes on these volumes are arranged to be shown uncut from how they were aired originally in Europe and not the cut up ones on the Sci-Fi channel.

Anyway, now knowning the entire saga, it's going to make seeing the new mini-series, The Peacekeeper Wars airing next weekend on the Sci Fi Channel the much more gratifying .

Next segment: Why HBO and DC's Vertigo Comics should compare notes.



Tuesday, October 05, 2004


For reasons that don't come as a suprise, The new tv season is not very impressive and nor did I expect it to be. Rehashed sitcoms without a any spark of originality are now giving away to the scripted 'unscripted' reality shows that's really starting to get on my fucking nerves - those timeslots could be better utilized for a new kind of cop show or a sci-fi kind of show - although kudos go out to Lost for being the 'only' thing that shows any promise. With the dearth of product incredibly decreasing, the only positive thing I can say about the lack of television for me to watch is that it's more time for me to spend in front of the computer screen...or a stairmaster. Less and less tv shows to watch means more and more time spent trying to get slam more product out. Most of my weekends is when I spend most of my time coach potatoing for the sofa gold. So for the past few years, I've been taping all my cops shows such as NYPD Blue (on it's last season, *sniff*), the Law & Orders, and CSI (the new NEW YORK spin-off hasn't really quite grabbed my gonads as yet)'s and watching them all in sucession on Sundays.
It used to be 14 shows I would save for the weekends that would maybe take up two entire tapes to shift through, now they're down to eight or nine hours that would fit on a single eight hour tape.

So something has to compensate- even though I don't watch any network television live with the exception of Smallville on Wednesdays (Video taping network shows without commercials is one of my most popular specialities- Friends refer to my video taping skills par none as the Coatney cut) I like to put on my programming hat and start exercising my television station management powers beyond mortal ken and offer the exquisite and always satisfying Cary Coatney Channel.

The world or syndication through my fingertips and the power of...DVD box sets!!

I don't think I've conquered tv until I caved in and bought a DVD player...

But then, it's the addiction of overspending on dvds that starting to make me into a gibbering fool, but it's the only way that I can experience things that can only be found on cable pay channels or reliving special moments of my youth.

A Dvd player could be misconstrued as a virtual time machine.

Sci-Fi and HBO shows. Old 70's cops shows and brilliant, but cancelled- all at the touch of my fingertips. I can rule the broadcasting world.

My plans for world domination will be revealed tomorrow.