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Wednesday, December 29, 2004


So here it is, the last blog entry of the year.

Next year's resolution: A new slate and a new format- I hope. And of course, with this mammoth workload happening at the work place for the following few months- a major overhaul should be anticipated with the new book on the way and I'm going have to make a vow to make these cyber surroundings more presentable. I got to maintain some sort of a professional appearance and therefore effective immediately, each entry from now on is going to drafted and scruntinized before seeing print.

ALSO - I'm going to have either Alan or Oliver try to help me post preview pages from the forthcoming Deposit Man and the Last Great Gate of Mortality Act 3 ON THIS SITE, if I can't get a official website up and running in the next month or so. Larry is doing a real monumental bang-up job so far judging by what he has done for the first half of the book (7 more pages has been completed since receiving them) and I really, really, really, need to fucking flaunt them to the cyberworld public.

Funny story: Canadians apparently have never seen Jewish people before. That's true according to Larry. Two nights ago, per phone conversation - Larry ran into a little sanafu concerning a scene with Father Schwartz- one of those secondary characters I use. Larry didn't know what the fuck a dradel was. 'What? You gotta be fucking kidding me', I said. 'Well, we don't have jewish people here in Manitoba', he fired back. I ended the subject, by telling him to just draw a top that you spin on the floor.

I guess my research materials were not though enough. I assumed that everyone knew what a fucking dredel was that I didn't think of downloading a picture of one over the internet.
Bad break for Jerry Orbach. I'll miss that sardonic son of a bitch whose opening detective arriving on the scene zingers that made every opening teaser on Law & Order a real gas to tune into.

AND here's today's sloppy shit e-mail fan letter of the week sent in by a Ms. Pam Noles:

I don't like your constant sexual innuendoes, Cary. I don't like the way you speak to me. I am not your 'vixen', your 'challenge' or any of the other demeaning things you have called me in the past. I, and the vast majority of the female comic fans I know, get enough of that shit from creepy comic book guys all the time. That behavior is the reason it can be difficult for us to enjoy being part of both the fan base and the professional creative community.

Perhaps I have been too subtle in the past by not stridently responding to certain of your comments or by only brushing them aside. I figured you'd get clued in and stop. The only reason I have not cut off all contact is because I think you're talented, and when you used to send out those essays I found your writing highly entertaining and often insightful. I don't understand why the Cary who is able to create that sort of work is also incapable of communicating one-on-one with a female without resorting to sexualizing her. I have treated you with respect. You chronically fail to extend the same. I now realize that your communication patterns toward me will continue as long as you are allowed a free pass to do so. (That's why they say it does not pay to be nice to people, sometimes.)

You've done the passive-aggressive backing down in the past. Your doing it here means very little because next time around you'll be back into your same patterns. I am tired of it.So. If you cannot speak to me like a normal person, I don't want to hear from you at all.

Good luck on your next issue of Deposit Man and with the production of your ashcan.

I'll get back to Pam's response and the origin behind this little tete' to tete' some time early next year, for right now - it's time for me to punch out of work and look forward to some end of the year rest and relaxation.