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Wednesday, October 04, 2006


Originally presented on Thursday, June 08, 2006

The Art of Elation

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Personal entry # 2

Last week I was in the ER and I was diagnosed with a case of the Shingles. I have a suspicion as to how I contracted it, but I've learned from both my dad and my aunt on my mom's side ( I haven' spoken to my mum for like, seven years- due to my constant conflicts with my step father- who is the mightiest prick of them all) that many members of my family have had severe cases of this. But anyway- I think it's due to all the weight I've lost and all the stress I've endured of not having secured employment, a dickhead of roommate, who is like, the biggest fucking hypocrite I've ever known in my life, and my turbulent conflicts with the woman I've been love with for the better part of close to a year, now, washed up porn star Rikki Lixxx

I had no inkling about how exactly the shingle thing began - first noticed some sharp pain in my back while I was working the front desk of Paramount, as I was pressing the buzzer to let co-workers and U.P.S. people in the reception area. I thought maybe it was some carpal tunnel syndrome type of thing happening, because I would keep shifting from buzzing people in to planting my hands on the keyboard. Maybe a change in work strategy was in order- BUT THEN- I noticed as I was packing a bag to go to Las Vegas - the pain was getting sharper, and the pain kept with me on the bus all the way to my dad's place. Then I noticed as I lifted my shirt to look in the surrounding mirrors that adorn one of my dad's bathrooms, there was a massive series of bumps and bruises (not to mention that I noticed a little hair loss on top of my head) . I had my dad look at it and he thought that maybe it was a spider bite. This discomfort irritated me all Memorial weekend long, even sitting through X-Men 3 movie and dining later at a Morracan restaurant. Not even belly dancers could wipe away the distraction of pain.

So when I got back, I noticed the rash on my back was bleeding profusely and then that's where I decided to walk over to the ER near the office I was working. BUT THEN I got a call from Rikki on my cellphone, alluding to picking up some dinner for her at El Pollo Loco (she didn't flat out say it- she just wanted to know when I was getting off work - but I've learned to play the Dark Phoenix psychic card wtih her - so deep down I knew that was what she was trying to process - treating her to a Classic Chicken Burrito. I don't argue with her. I just do what she tells me. ) - so I had to go over and help her out. Later, when I was inside her apartment- I made the mistake of bumping my back into her heater and - fuck was the pain excruicating. I hid it from her, because I didn't want her to freak out.- but I told her I had an errand to do and from there, I checked myself into the ER and they knew what it was right as soon as I walked in. They prescribed three forms of meds for me- some vicodin, some steriod that lasted for five days, and as of right now- I've still got two days treatment of acyclovir to polish off. Last Tuesday, my doctor tells me that once I polish off the acyclovir, the scars from my blisters should just fall off my back like butter. We'll see. I had him write me a note stating the fact (to those who don't believe me) that even though the technical term for The Shingles is Herpers Zolster - it is in no way shape or form - related to Herpes transmitted sexually. Just for the record for those giving me shit about it.

Anyway, while the whole world was thinking I was the undisputed Master of Plague and Pestilence- I went and bought Rikki some birthday goodies last Saturday while she was away in Vegas. I went and got her stuff that she would actually need- instead of some $ 400 plus babble that we fought like cats and dogs over. I picked her up a $50.00 Osh card, the new Dean Kootnz novel and a flower basket made up of fruit. What I mean is, the fruit was cut up to resemble flowers. I don't where I found the brochure for this- it was lying around the office when I discovered it- I figured Lixi wouldn't want to eat cake for her birthday, because she's really disciplined about her figure- so this would be the next best thing. The new Dean Kootnz novel -because I saw that she had a few of his titles in her garage. The OSH card- because she likes to construct and build things in her garage. (She's really incredible at assembling cabinets and shelves).

And for once, I did things right for her- I got a very apprecative e-mail from her at work today. And that is what makes living in this world worthwhile.

I won two bucks in the lotto last night - my birthday date came up again 1 and 12 in the mega number. Fuck, what is it with matching three numbers practically every draw and win I do go collect I notice I miss losing out on getting four just by one lousy number? Happens every fucking time.

It's my curse.



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