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Tuesday, May 08, 2007


Yeah, the PP Guru made out like the proverbial bandit on Free Comic Book Day - which is a day when comic book companies and comic book retailers alike - LOSE A FUCKING BOODLE OF MONEY BECAUSE THEY'RE UNDER THE FALSE ILLUSION THAT THEY'RE ENTITLED TO THE SHARES OF A $ 373 MILLION DOLLAR BOX OFFICE WEEKEND MADE POSSIBLE BY A SUPER-HERO MOVIE!

So they give out free comic books to compensate for their small infinitesimal weenies.

The PP Guru went out on a major sojourn to gather up as many 'free comic books' he could find. Never mind that he already was on the runner up having scored a 'free screening' of the new Spider-Man 3 movie the previous night before on the historical Columbia ( now Sony ) Pictures lot.

After all, it's no peyote sham that The PP Guru has had his tunic palm painted red in the pulse of the Hollywood elite cookie jars.

The PP Guru really liked the new Spider-Man 3 movie and he doesn't need to read any more nasty shit from LA Times film critic Kenneth Turan that it has too many villains in it to spoil the spider's broth.

The PP Guru thought Spider-Man 3 was the best two and a half hours he spent of his far this year.

But on to other more important things...

Like the PP Guru bringing home more than .....60 fucking free comics home.

First the PP Guru set on his one day of peyote pillaging and went down to Hi De Ho comics in Santa Monica, Ca.

These guys were giving out comics by the truckload. Mostly DC and Marvel non-sellers or too much they had in stock. Some were even current comics, much to the PP Guru's surprise. There was forty five freebie books right there..

Next the PP Guru trekked up to Kevin Smith's Jay and Bob's Secret Stash location in Westwood- but Kevin was being a really cheap bastard about it and his staff only gave out a measley Little Archie comic - plus two DC comics with their ..covers torn off.

Yeah, whatever.

Next up to Sherman Oaks to Earth 2 Comics and Graphic Novels where you were allowed your pick of up to 5 of the specially designed Free Comic Book Day Issues which included many of the partcipating comic book's company's offerings such as DC's debut issue of Legion of Super Heroes Animated series and the O issue of the Brad Metzler's Justice League of America, Marvel had Marvel Adventures featuring Iron Man and the Hulk - ( stars of next year's summer movie box office bonzana ) and a brand new Spider-Man comic. Dynamite comics had a flip comic featuring the Lone Ranger and Battlestar Galactica. So the PP Guru picked up those offerings - then he walked a couple of blocks to Toy Mandala and he picked up more independent titles such as Fantagraphics' 32 page collection of little seen Peanuts strips collated from their massive yearly volume reprint series and a sampling of the Virgin Comic Books line which the PP Guru believes is a another conspiracy for the Hindu buddhist to take over our precious American commodies the world wide over: our comic book market as spearheaded by Sir Richard Branson and Deepak Chopra.

Outsourcing indeed. Now they're assimulating all our comic book companies - as if Bollywood wasn't bad enough.

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