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When purple things are pulsating on your mind, I'm the one whose clock you want to clean. Aiding is Sparky, the Astral Plane Zen Pup Dog from his mountain stronghold on the Northernmost Island of the Happy Ninja Island chain, this blog will also act as a journal to my wacky antics at an entertainment company and the progress of my self published comic book, The Deposit Man which only appears when I damn well feel like it. Real Soon Now.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

stsparky AKA Sparky

Sparky's Avatar
was Porco Rosso
on the beach.

People know stsparky's this guy. And people bug him about noses on his CG's. He wishes he was as cool as a flying pig. This entry is mainly here in response to this post. I'm sure someone else will have something constructive to say. He also likes to edit his wiki article a lot, tee-hee!

For months on a time, he'll disappear to Happy Ninja Isle and immerse himself in what Bobgorilla calls Moon language.


Sparky can't believe he designed games on PCs with only 7 colors. He recommends heavy drinking. If you do a search on 'Datamost' - you may find his real name. Only 3 games had any goodness to them. Though he achieved some cred with the Japanese for doing some cultural appropriate designs on a ported game. With some bitterness, he believes he came up with the concept for Lemmings. Ah well.

  1. Cohen's Tower - A Crazy Climber clone
  2. Super Rabbit - Frogger clone
  3. Mr. Robot - This one was odd and was likely unique or hid its pedigree

OMG - the title screen!

He earned the nickname "Sparky" from being a Tech Support Rep. It sort of goes with his real name well. First Sparky added the prefix "SM" and recieved some unusual offers. As it meant Santa Monica and not what the friendly people were thinking he switched to using St instead.

Oddly enough it seems Sparky has a harem of nubile Asian ladies at the tree fort the he and the wife call home. He wishes that one could do something constructive with them -- like take over Geneon or Live Door -- as they seem capable enough. He is a moderator of sorts at The MetaWeb: a wiki devoted to Neal Stephenson's writings which led him to writing an article explaining the origins of leet and led him to rediscover Megatokyo.

Drunken revelry

Sparky is up for these. If you get him drunk, he'll go on and on about once being an aquisitions editor for Kodansha. It was a Rodney Dangerfield-like experience.

Purple Pinup Guru Blogspot & Lost Zen Puppy

He can display big hate for Reagan Youth and their ilk ... but seems civil in public. He'll guest blog at the PP Guru and do tests at Lost Zen Puppy. Seems he likes to give Xtians a hard time too. He's confused that many can't see that the whole story about the 'passion play' is pure myth.

Action Figures

Sparky enjoyed Batman:The Animated Series more than an adult might. He has action figures but isn't funny about them. Now he thinks Justice League is his kind of thing.

Sparky and Mods:

The offending
avatar herself


Seems he ran afoul of Cracky yet once again. Ah well. All seems well nowadays ... Mooo ha ha! Cracky thinks Sparky is an aged temp worker. Kekeke. As one of the earliest fans watching unsubbed and undubbed animation, he remembers one SDCC when Osamu Tezuka bought various chapter heads of C/FO sushi dinner back in 1981. Vaguely remember the Kazuhiko Katō the Monkey Punch guy hovering around as well.

No Name Given

These days one anonymous mod is acting quite the cowardly PC ass by pulling Sparky's hot maid avatar and claiming it is NSFW after many months of being in play. As this happens only when he plays in Central's Monthly Desktop thread he doesn't have a clue as to how to proceed. Newer ruder avatars are being considered. Such as the below:
113116153_f8fc1ae4d5_o.jpg 113116154_6b3745bfb3_o.jpg 117052601_f132c93393_o.jpg 110385078_4c406d0b8e_o.jpg 120388833_c606dd3107_o.jpg
109586724_d27081adcc_o.jpg 113146491_64e952cc91_o.jpg 119921099_970985827f_o.jpg 120388829_7b86bca663_o.jpg 120388831_d92aab6575_o.jpg
If you have any favorites - PM Sparky. He enjoys the girl in red though ... in the meantime, he photoshopped someone into a Miho in a swimsuit ready to play strip twister ...

Bill Murray and Hunter S. Thompson

Before many of the Mt fans were born - Sparky went to a pre-release screening of Where the Buffalo Roam; And ended up observing the ether snorting skills of Hunter S. Thompson after being really nerdy with Bill Murray. The duo and Sparky's group ended up at a Denny's afterwards for pie and coffee.

Neutralization of one "It's a trap!" Wallpaper

Originally an androgynous Catboy
larger image linky.

The "It's a trap!-meme" catchphrase is still used on 4chan, where it signifies that a supposed female posting pictures does, in fact, have a penis. Not that Sparky thinks there's anything wrong with dickgirls as a formidable one kept two pedo chickenhawks off him when he was a teen.

Anyone, without an agenda, can see that the excellent tush in the illustration belongs to a real girl on her way to womanhood. Sparky took the image into PhotoShop and built her a generous booby. Then stole a background from some lame LOTR pic.
So there you go. As a student of physiology - Sparky maintains the bottom as depicted on the original image was ALWAYS female. And he'll argue and win that even if the original artist wanted it to be a boy - he unintentionally portrayed a young woman's tush.
Anyone who wants to argue would have to show us his boney ass and be ridiculed by this community. Thanks to his sizable harem mentioned above - what women look like remains no mystery to Sparky.


Bigger Image link
click to see
original art
© Fred Gallegher

Regarding the whole "adding noses" thing, Sparky says:

“... I think this image is what honked people off at first - I was thinking of Leslie and Ralph from Liberty Meadows and thus added to the noses and lips a bit - I feel it allowed me to assert my individuality while playing with crayons. It's amazing how upset folks can get. It was the first Sparkyvision [CG] I think ...”

If curious, the Sparkyvision gateway will let you judge for yourselves.