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Monday, December 15, 2003


Surely one of the eagerly awaited craptacular events to happen over the weekend while I was under the weather was the early Sunday 2:30 AM breaking news story of Saddam Hussein being found in his cubbyhole. Not getting much sleep, I stayed mostly the entire weekend indoors because of the media buildup on the running out of vaccines and it didn't make much sense of exacerabating the situation than it already needed to be. So, I went on a sleep deprived spree watching nothing but videos and dvds that have been piling up for a while and only walked outside to get a bite to eat, consisting of mainly some Japanese and Chinese. When I'm ill, I tend to stay away from anything that has diary in it like pizza or anything with a cream based sauce in it such as Chicken Pasta Alfredo, otherwise I go into spastic coughing fits that only wind up with me shooting off plegm bombs at a MK 37 pace. So there should be nothing here to talk about but me curled up in a blanket in front of the idiot box and a short commentary about all the stuff I watched.

But first, a few words for Saddam-

So Diet Rite Dubya finally caught his boogeyman. Can we now move along with life and find the real mastermind who rammed the two jet airliners into the Twin Towers on the morning of September 11, 2001? Is that little too much to ask for Christmas? Our buddy Osama's head on a pike? Please Santa Diet Rite Dubya - I've been a good boy this year- I filed my taxes, but why should I bother to pay them if I'm not getting my equal quart of motor oil vengeance?

A couple of things are bugging me about the whole capture-

A) Why are the American troops getting credit for the capture when it was the British or the Coalition troops who were the ones who dug him out?

and B) Why was Saddam and his buddies lugging around $ 750k in cash in American currency ? It seem weird how much we're vilfied by the Iraqis for polluting their country with our filthy Britney Spears records, our filthy MTV Jackass DVDs, and our ass hanging gangsta rap baggy pants that they would be the ones running around their country with a shitload of Ben Franks that I'll probably never see in this lifetime or the next denouncing to the world our much immoral demonized way of life and how much we are infidels in the eyes of their buddy Allah. I love it when hypocritics shit themselves and it seeps out their pant leg and onto their foot.

The last episode I got to see of Justice League featured the first interracial kiss between Hawkgirl and the John Stewart Green Lantern. BRAVO! I bet my left nug that the switchboard over at WB ANIMATION or the CARTOON NETWORK must be aghast with complaints on the switchboard from concerned families down in the south over what they're subjected their kids to these days. If only Storm Thurmond were alive to see this. On the whole, Justice League with Dwayne McDuffie (a gentle giant of a guy who I always see strolling along Ventura Blvd with a cellphone constantly grafted his ear) as story editor and having written a handful of superb episodes has restored faith and glory to the DC animated franchises. His Static Shock series revs up it's fourth season next month with a guest star appearance by Batman Beyond.

The revamp of BATTLESTAR GALACTICA was something I half expected to sit out on the sidelines and cleanse out my colon with a q-tip while stealing a few glances here and there to see a occasional Cylon pop on the screen. And with my brother frantically e-mailing me volunteering to tape it for me at least three times a day- I had that 'no biggie if I miss it' feeling - so I declined the invitation. A co-worker happened to tape part one and I borrowed it over the weekend- and boy was I wrong. This is what they should have done the first time around: dispose the cheesiness and treat it as serious Sci-Fi. I actually found myself enjoying this remake- in fact, I prefer it way over the original. If they went ahead and did it as a series - I'd support it. I'd call up my cable company and order the Sci-Fi Chi RIGHT NOW . The acting and the characterizations were top notch, especially Edward James Olmos taking over the Commander Adama roll from Lorne Greene and Mary McDowell who looks enchanting as ever from her days of Dances With Wolves. The cinematography, sets, costumes, backgrounds, all looked benefical- completely seperate from the whole Lucas shebang that it once emulated. A more apt description would be a cross from the old James Wong- Glen Morgan production Space: Above and Beyond and 2001: A Space Odysessy. I can't wait to tackle Part two this weekend.

I had an opportunity to finally view my Peter Gabriel DVD- last year's Growing Up tour which I was unfortunate to miss due to unseen lack of fiancial circumstances (I think I was on temporary lay-off when he was playing the Staples Center last year ). I've been listening to Gabriel ever since I was in high school when he first launched his solo career and like some people who normally stay stuck in the past, dragging out their old Elvis and Beatles' 45's, Gabriel, no matter at what age, (in this case, he admits to turning 54) always propels himself to the future, keeping one firm foot in his advent pursuit of world music and the other rooted in modern technology. On this tour, I got to witness such tricks of fancy as the ceiling walk during the performance of 'Downside Up'- the plastic bubble (which reminded me of all things - The rover in the Prisoner tv series) with Gabriel encased inside rolling it all around the oval stage while singing 'Growing Up' (the credits footage also show Gabriel taking his gigantic toy out for a spin, boucing and rolling all over the pebbled streets of Milan, Italy) and a little bike ride during "Solsberry Hill". I tell you, it's things like this, that makes me feel giddy as a kid again.

Deposit Man updates next time around.